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Industry Groups Produce E. coli Outbreak Response | Local news

Produce industry groups that respond to E. coli


SACRAMENTO – In response to the disclosure of an E. coli outbreak associated with romaine by government health institutions in the United States and Canada on Tuesday, a group of industry associations rely on producers and retail / restaurant customers to support government health agency recommendations and currently marketing He encourages the nationwide voluntary withdrawal of all Roma people in their channels.

Associations include the Arizona Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement, the California Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement, the Produce Marketing Association, the Yuma Safe Produce Council, and the Yuma Fresh Vegetable Association.

Tarafından Food safety is the most important priority for us, “said the California Leafy Green Convention. ”To protect consumers, we must act quickly by stopping marinated lettuce shipments and pulling back any product sent to retail stores or restaurants.“

Industry groups reflect government health agencies' advice to consumers, restaurants and retailers not to eat, serve or sell romaine lettuce at this time. The US Food and Drug Administration advises consumers to discard any route they have at home.

”We want the government to fully comply with the demand for a voluntary withdrawal of all Romeites, Sal he said.

A multi-stage epidemic of E. coli 0157: H7 infections due to Romaine lettuce caused 32 people in California and 10 other states, as well as 18 people in Canada and Ontario. According to the CDC, diseases began from October 8 to October 31st.

Outbreaks and consumer recommendations are limited to lettuce only and do not affect other leafy greenery products such as icebergs, green leaves or spinach. So far, no common breeder, supplier, distributor or lettuce lettuce brand has been identified.

No cases have been reported in Imperial County.

Uz We believe that the retreat of Romaine lettuce is the quickest way to clean up any romaine supply chain that may be responsible for illnesses, and to give a hard, convincing and clean break from harvesting and sending romaine lettuce until this outbreak is reported. The source of the infringed product can be identified, İh he said. ”We are also looking for workers to clean and disinfect equipment that may have been used in recent weeks to avoid cross-contamination of the product during future harvesting, processing and distribution activities.“

A group of food safety experts from the manufacturing industry come together as soon as possible to examine closely the information that could help identify the specific source of the epidemic by using the extensive monitoring information maintained by leafy greens producers.

The purpose of this effort is to obtain information about the geographic region or specific farms that can be associated with this epidemic. Government agencies have shown that the E. coli isolate involved in this outbreak is closely related to the data of the Whole Genome Ranking with two past outbreaks associated with leafy greens in 2016 and 2017.

The attack said, istem No one wants to underline that these outbreaks are happening faster than the leafy greens producers. Sal Durdur We must do everything to stop recurrent epidemics. We owe this to all consumers who trust us to train safe food for their families and those who are tragically affected by this outbreak. Bunu

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