Saturday , December 4 2021

Increased number of hospitalized infants for drug-related mental health problems


BThe new NHS figures revealed that aby booms, which had a comfortable attitude towards drugs, were increasingly hospitalized with mental health problems.

Acceptances for drug-related mental and behavioral diseases for people aged 45 and over have increased by 85 percent over the past decade;

According to NHS Digital, over the past six years people who are 55 years old and older have had an increase of 32% in the application of intoxication as a result of drug use.

Experts, old & # 39; warned that they were denied alcohol and drug addiction and that they had more problems than young people.

Some have blamed the recent figures on government cuts and drug treatment services, and the controversial changes from reducing damage to the strategy to focusing on full recovery.

Ian Hamilton, professor of addiction at York University, told Guardian: uyuşturucu (former generation) they are more likely to have longer drug-driving careers, so they will need more specialized drug treatment.

Yönlendiril Unfortunately, treatment services are directed to offer deprivation-based services instead of substituting this group with substitution drugs such as methadone.

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