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In the age of online retail, Black Friday still portrays a crowd | FOX 4 Kansas City WDAF-TV


NEW YORK – Now computers now Turkey & # 39; turn on the non-turkey plate, and now it would be easy to take advantage of Black Friday deals offered by most retailers who sell online.

However, thousands of customers throughout the country woke up before dawn on the day of Thanksgiving and brought their mobile devices with them to participate in this most famous ritual of American consumerism.

Out of the Mall of America, shopping centers were lined up in Bloomington, Minnesota at 4:00 p.m. and the crowd was swollen to 3,000 people during the hours opened at 5.00. A group of women were identified in Ohio, and a hotel room was booked on Thursday. Being closer to night stores. In New York, a woman went from a dance club to a shop in the middle of the night.

Many shoppers said that the Black Friday exchange talked about the show as well as about the opportunities for the doorman.

On Friday morning, Kati Anderson said he stopped at Cumberland Mall for "clothing-watching" as well as discounted outfits. His friend Katie Nasworthy said he went to the mall instead of shopping because he liked to see Christmas decorations.

Bry So far it really doesn't feel like Christmas, # said Kim Bryant, Kim Bryant, who lined up with her daughter and daughter's friend in a shopping mall in the Denver suburb of 5: 40clots and opened at 6 am. .

The brick-and-mortar stores have worked hard to prove that the online behemoth can compete from Amazon. From Macy to Target and Walmart, retailers are combining online shopping and store shopping experiences with new tools, such as digital maps on smartphones, and new tools for shoppers to buy and buy from stores.

Kohllars application allows customers to take photos of the product from anywhere and find similar products in the store. And with frustrated customers with long exit lines, you can check out Walmart and other stores with a sales representative in the corridors of the store.

Priscilla Page, 28, gave the order number to a number near the entrance to a Walmart in Louisville, Kentucky. The boyfriend found a good deal for a gift for his friend, then came to the store to get back.

Er I've never done Black Friday-shopped before, ”the employees handed in their bags later. “I'm the most ill person ever. Crowds, lines, wait, it's not really my job. It was a lot easier. "

Roy Haller's son requested a toy robot for his December birthday. Haller tried to buy on Amazon but it was sold. On Friday morning, he searched the Internet frantically and found a robot in a Walmart, about 25 kilometers away from his home in Louisville, Kentucky. I purchased it on the internet and arrived an hour later in a mansion near the store entrance on Friday afternoon. The employees handed in the bag, kept it and said: ı I got the last one in Louisville! Çalışan

The holiday shopping season, this year's overall growth offers a great test for a US economy based on increased consumer spending. During the first half of 2018, Americans raised their spending at the strongest pace in four years, but retail sales gains have recently declined and the homebuying rate has fallen. The next month's sales totals would be a good indication of how consumers catch their breath, or if they feel a little less optimistic about the economy in 2019.

The National Retail Federation, the country's largest retail trade group, is expected to increase its retail sales by 4.8% to $ 720.89 billion by November 2017, with the exception of cars, gasoline and restaurants, by the end of 2017. Growth of sales shows a slowdown of 5.3 percent last year. This figure was the highest since 2010. But the figure is still healthy.

Retail economy also leans towards online shopping. In the past 12 months, purchases by non-store retailers such as Amazon increased by 12.1 percent. Meanwhile, sales in traditional stores fell by 0.3 percent. Adobe Analytics, which follows online retail spending, reported on Thursday that Thanksgiving reached a record $ 3.7 billion in online retail sales, an increase of 29 percent compared to the same period last year.

Black Friday itself changed after a single day when people got up early enough to tame the doorman to the end of a month. Technology has also made it easier for shoppers to enter and leave the crowd.

Some families, however, adhere to the Black Friday traditions.

K We boycotted Thursday's exchange; This is the day for the family. But Friday's experience is just for fun, yaş says Michelle Wise, 16-year-old Ashleigh in Park Meadows Mall in Denver and shoppers with 14-year-old Avery's daughters. This year there was no list of mandatory goods; They just spend time together.

The target, shoppers, TV, iPad and Apple Watches reported that they receive great tickets. The most popular toy games include Lego, L.O.L. MGA Entertainment and Mattel's surprises from Barbie. Players said they got video game consoles like Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Others reported involvement in non-darker savings. Bethany Carrington at a Cincinnati mall, a $ 29 all-in-one trimmer for her husband's nose feather need, and $ 17 alışveriş the biggest Mr. I've ever seen. He's got the Potato Head ün award.

At the same mall, Rhonda Ross and Cyndi Jenkins booked a hotel room on Thursday night to maximize their shopping experience. They knew they wanted to buy Nintendo Switch for their 11-year-old son, but otherwise they looked around and planned to spend time together.

Until the middle of Friday, the snow was not widely known for the chaos affected by the deal in the center of Friday's sin – punch fights or hidden sales items were marked on discounted televisions.

Two men in an Alabama shopping mall got in a fight and one man opened fire, opened fire on the other man and a 12-year-old caregiver, both taken to hospital with the wounded. The police shot and killed the gun. Officials did not say whether the incident was related to Black Friday shopping or an unrelated dispute.

. This morning he's not really that crazy, ”said Clif Norwine, looking over the Galleria Dallas shopping mall from the balcony upstairs. Norwine says that Black Friday for sales also comes for the family tradition and the people who follow. The following shoppers drifted in peace, set out for a music soundtrack.


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