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Hockey Player Colleges: Edmonton Oilers wins a great 4-point game 2-1 against Las Vegas in a highly entertaining hockey game


Edmonton Oilers sweeps 3 home booths on Saturday night against the Stanley Cup Finalist Vegas Golden Knights in front of a 2-1 & # 39; national audience.

Ken in 3 games with Ken Hitchcock and the systematic tweaks in the game, Oilers collective opposition 6-3 'e out.

Just look at the daha A yakın grade points to show how close this night really is. Followed by Hockey Culture David Staples preferred Vegas with a narrow 8-7 margin. David's observations matched mine.

But don't assume that Hitch has made all the blame from this club. Tonight, the home team has left behind their opponents 34-32. Two teams even pulled in special teams. However, on the screen with a lot of speed and ability, above all had a fun relationship.

In the end, it would be correct to say that Mikko Koskinen had a better savings than Marc-Andre Fleury. Eventually there was a difference.

The 13-11-2 records attract the Oilers to a playoff point in the Pacific. They're after the Golden Knights and Sharks in the nest. But Edmonton played 2 games in the first two games in the game.

Here is the story of the cassette:

Edmonton Oilers Player Classes

MIKKO KOSKINEN. 8. Mikko Koskinen may have won the game in the first 8 minutes for the Oilers. Vegas rolled. But the big Finn's answer was early and often. I spent 5 minutes at the opening square of William Karlsson's biggest savings. However, later, he stepped into Adam Larsson late and broke alone. 32 & # 39; s is blocked. Koskinen had a .967 at this home booth. This is nice. 8-2-1 in season. This is nice too. Where would they be without it?

CONNOR McDAVID. 8. He scored a goal, says Physics is not possible. He bought an intelligent chip to the blackboard from the Draisaitl. McDavid was strengthened by a defender and crossed the other. But then, on the way to the far side of the net, McDavid's steel dived deep into the ice. The snow flew and Connor turned hard, almost bending inward. McDavid then slid the drive from back to back and drew on Marc-Andre Fleury for 1-0. What a jaw-droplet. Wow. While always taking 8 (!) Pictures in the net, Vegas occasionally tried to exhibit a blinding speed. He was late for home with an early chance. But the closed spot on her face was 75%. Over all? A fabulous, winning effort.

LEON DRAISAITL. 7. Played a tremendous 2-way game. He found his favorite target on the wall for 1-0. He took out a disc in 1. The next period, Jesse Puljujarvi & # 39; A minute later, at a power in Vegas, Leon and Chiasson played big games to clean up the area and reduce pressure. In the third period in Vegas PP, both Draisaitl and Russell gathered to destroy a Knights cycle. Later, as all this is not enough, Leon gains 2 big draws in 90 seconds and with Nugent-Hopkins marking up to the end of the time and putting something into the corner. He was environmentally responsible for 1-1, but there was a missing shot in the O-region.

ALEX CHIASSON. 5. Solid but unspectacular. 1 shot, 1: 18: 58. He drew a power play in the 1st period. Golden Knight in the 2nd period with the edition of the headscarf. Can Alex Chiasson keep up with this amount of TOI in this line? He doesn't get used to it.

OSCAR KLEFBOM. 6. He made a rough start in the first 3 minutes of Vegas, because he had a good chance of scoring 3 o'clock. Over the night, -1. The principal responsible is 1-1. But in fairness, Klefbom was in the right place on the ice, and not just one bad jump, but two were closed. And he also led Draisaitl and McDavid, the lead man who turned 1-0 into ice, and helped Klefbom (campaign's 12). 3 blocks, but no shot at 24:38.

ADAM LARSSON. 6. There were many examples where Adam Larsson won tough battles in his region, as a result of which his teammates did well. However, Larsson also had a pair of matches and made a clean knock out of the 3rd period, where Koskinen had released him. It was very good at 2:33 as soon as possible. 3 strokes, 3 blocks.

RYAN NUGENT-HOPKINS. 7. Nugent-Hopkins returned tonight with a pound of defense. And I mean, it was like Selke. Nuge almost every pakda was difficult. He watched it back like a demon and kept a killer stick in the passage of the strips. His most beautiful moment came in the 3rd Term; He's a peeled puck up in that area, then a dangerous wrist throw away from Fleury. But then, in an open attempt, Ryan wasn't stuck again and the Golden Knights forced a penalty in the game. # 93 by what an amazing series. 4 shots at 19:58 and 50% points. Money.

JESSE PULJUJARVI. 5. A few good moments but all in all a pretty quiet night. There were 2 shots and 2 hits. Puljujarvi's best chance was a pamphlet for the Vegas goal after a Drasiaitl package. I liked the level of battle in the 2nd period series below its goal line, resulting in the safe removal of the package from the D zone. It didn't leave it too vulnerable.

DRAKE CAGGIULA. 5. Silent 40 minutes, then came as the 3rd survive. What I like the most about Drake Caggiula is that he plays like a bigger man in reality. In fact, he led the hits with the club 6. His statistic threw her 3 fares, but to be honest ama I just saw the one. Obviously and 2) The game had a negative impact on it.

DARNELL NURSE. 7. This night was the best D-man in Edmonton Oilers. The Darnell Nurse had a double-acting type of calf, but played wisely and never stayed in position. If the net had 2 shots. But it was his outstanding work on its end. His pace allowed him to keep up with the fast-paced Vegas club and was only in charge of a high chance of danger. There were 3 strokes and one block.

KRIS RUSSELL. 7. Behind the goal line, it remained heavily against men who were older than him, and he won most of these battles. On the PK to clean the area has made a great game in their region, the closure of the short hand job 2:17 piece. A particularly dangerous chance was allowed only against the clock. The game started at 2-1. It ended with 3 strokes, 3 blocks and 2 take-offs at 21:35 in the evening.

KYLE BRODZIAK. 5. This line, led by Kyle Brodziak, made the best defense in the Attack zone. One shot and two strokes. Recovered. Still, there were some small struggles (40%). Also badly dinged with a 2nd period turnover. It's effective, but you'll want to see that this line sees the score table as a result. 2:12 Harmless PK work, which means there is no point against rolling Vegas Power Play as it was late.

MILAN LUCIC. 6. Solid played a game. 5 strokes. He didn't try a few shots, but 1 person jumped a cross and the other started buzzing to close the second period. Two important moments painted the game in the best way. One of them was a wooden battle in his region, which he won after a long duel along the wall in the 1st Era. The other one grazed the attacking zone to feed Brodziak for a chance. This could be his new, permanent role. Fits well.

ZACK KASSIAN. 6. I spent a lot of time in the loop over the attack zone. When the line is redrawn again on the scoreboard, they are doing an effective job to fix the opponents in their territory. Zack Kassian for a shot, a shot, a block. I didn't think that his punishment was particularly intelligent, but at least he was in the process of becoming physically lazy, or unlike a tour.

MATT BENNING. 6. This 3rd match had a better game flow in the ice. In fact, Matt Benning received the highest percentage of CF (17-18%, 48.6%) in the D-core tonight. He scored a number of goals in addition to a decisive 3rd period body that the official scorer somehow missed. Benning played only 13:02. Hitchcock leaned heavily in his first two pairs. But then it was reasonably effective.

KEVIN GRAVEL. 5. In the first two periods a couple wobbled, but Oilers was a solid third while maintaining leadership. There were 2 shots and 2 strokes plus a take-away. All of 13:22 played. But Ken Hitchcock says he needs mistakes lower than his 3rd. If that's true, I wonder if Jason Garrison is back to the next game.

JUJHAR KHAIRA. 6. Set the winning goal with a sharp transition from corner to corner, where Ryan Spooner has made no mistakes. Khaira is really struggling. But it made my eye simple tonight, and it made a big difference. Uncleaned balls in the previous games jumped out of the area tonight. And J.J. was also physically, 4 hit recorded at 9:41. This is better.

RYAN SPOONER. 6. As an Oiler, he chose a particularly suitable time to achieve the first. He found clear air in front of the Golden Knights net, and he didn't hesitate for a second in front of Khaira. Bam! He was in there and he got up for the rest of the way. This was the best game in many games in 4th place, and Spooner was a meaningful part of this, even before the winner came for him.

TY RATTIE. 7. He played a big role in a game he might need to stay in the NHL. The score sheet does not help him for winning goals. Rattie, however, did a tough preflight check in the dump, forcing D-man into the hands of the enemy in the corner, and 2-1 in the same way. But it wasn't just that game. Rattie had 4 shots, 3 strokes and a take-away. He also drew a penalty in # 1. He only played 9:38, but he counted every second.

Hitch made a return to Lone Star State on Tuesday while the Oilers were visiting Dallas.

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