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Halton Hills crash man died in hospital: police


Codi Wilson, CTV News Toronto

Published on 25 November 2018 Sunday 06:21 EST

Last Updated: Sunday, 25 November 2018 06:22 EST

Halton County Police, a man who was involved in an accident in Halton Hills on Saturday evening, died in the hospital.

Police said shortly before the morning of 7:00 that a 46-year-old Mississauga man set off northward on the 25th Zone Road, where his vehicle, a silver Honda Civic, was going off and going to a nearby area.

The drivers had to stop and go to the driver and call the paramedics. According to the police, early medical assessments suggest that the man may be suffering from medical distress.

He was later taken to the Milton Regional Hospital where he died.

He is investigating the crash unit of the Halton District Police.

The scene was held on Saturday night for review, but was reopened.

Anyone who knows about the collision is asked to apply to the police or Crime Stoppers.

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