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Hailey Baldwin & # 39; s Bieber & # 39; s; Pendant shows that his new last name is taken seriously


Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber had a very eventful weekend. On Thursday, the two celebrated Baldwin's birthday, in addition to the Thanksgiving Day, surrounded by both families. On Friday, Bieber confirmed all these marriages on social media. And, on Saturday, Hailey Baldwin, brand new & # 39; Bieber & # 39; shook his necklace – a birthday present from the birth of his birthmark, as it will look – in a video shared on his Instagram Story PeopleReport on Sunday.

Baldwin's glittering new accessory ( PeopleThis is a diamond necklace, it's clear that this gift is something special. Luminous, in bold letters, necklace newly adopted surname: Bieber. He depicted Instagram video with two heart-eyes and a gift emoji, claiming he had received a necklace in honor of his 22nd birthday. Of course, as some fans already know, the gift of Baldwin seems to be more of a celebration than just a birthday.

Baldwin continued to change his name on Instagram earlier this month, but lost his mind when he passed the arm of IG & # 39; s haileybieber. PeopleAfter a day of Thanksgiving, Baldwin & # 39; s man went to his social platform to confirm what fans expected. Bieber, a long, gratitude-filled Instagram publication shared on Friday, November 23, wrote, "happy thankful to everyone."

Hailey Bieber / Instagram Story

The Thanksgiving themed message was all as sweet as possible. But this was the second line of the title that really attracted your writing. Why is that? After much speculation, Bieber's IG mail confirms that fans have been wondering for months. Yeah, that's the right people: he and Baldwin are married. (Er, technically, Miss Bieber, isn't she?) He continues, with news from Bieber, reports of marriage, and a new look at the new traditions, a very special holiday celebration – perhaps the coldest possible. heartily:

"First time as a married man is the first time of Thanksgiving. You've met both sides of the family for the first time. Relationships are hard and love is not always easy, but thanks for showing me how!"

Yes, these two are officially married and Baldwin has a stunning blinge to prove it.

Even though he had much gratitude, Baldwin was noticeably less prudent last week at his Thanksgiving IG. Baldwin-Bieber underlined the photographs with subtitles taking two consecutive photos from the family community (which was a piece of Thanksgiving, part-birthday shindig), and wrote "very thankful" next to the red heart emoji. To be honest, these photos speak for themselves.

So is there anybody else in Baldwin's new necklace? How's the new last name? Sweetness, style, and When it comes to romance, it seems quite safe to say that these newlyweds will start getting married (public life, nevertheless). That hopes that when they settle into this exciting new episode, there are no nice updates from the couple's extremely cute relationship.

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