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Gift Guide prepared by Google 2018: Best Google phones, speakers, accessories and Chromebooks


Now in Google's 3rd year, it's easier than ever to enter or promote the ecosystem where the Assistant and AI are at the heart of the experience. Our gift guide for our best Google products ensures that all categories, such as best phones, best speakers, best accessories and best Chromebooks and price ranges, are treated or treated more easily against others this season.


Google Home Hub

Carefully Google

Google Home Hub is the most important summary of what the company wants to do with AI + Software + Hardware. Starting from the second, the Home Hub is so cute that all the little things are cute. It has a 6-inch screen wrapped in fabric that gives you a bright photo frame as long as you're using Google Photos. With Ambient EQ, Google's AI and software do an excellent job of duplicating a printed photo in any light condition.

It has a loudspeaker suitable for listening to assistant commands and provides a more enjoyable experience, especially when watching a quick YouTube video when cooking in the kitchen.

The Google Home Hub can be placed on any surface that already has a smart speaker, and the display works well to provide useful visual feedback that allows you to choose not to hear, but to hear.

Google Home Hub

Even if you purchase an Apple user, Google has done a great job of cross-platform creation. Google Home had a great experience on iOS. On the privacy front, there is no camera to address these concerns and is suitable for placing on a nightstand.

The retail price of Google Home Hub is for $ 149, but during this holiday season many stores are sold for $ 99. Although it is more convenient to buy from local stores, Google Store has two additional color options (Aqua and Sand).

Where can I buy Google Home Hub?


Google Home Mini

Smart first, second speaker

Another compelling cut, Google Home Mini is the smart speaker you need to get. Voiced, it lies within the range of the Home Hub and reflects better what kind of a device is primarily your answer to, rather than an integral part of your home audio system.

It would be noisy enough for fast flow, but it should probably be paired with another Mini – thanks to audio synchronization – or a Chromecast Audio. This is extremely affordable and, of course, you'll get a lower price than $ 49, which is normally retail for this season.

Where can I buy Google Home Mini?

Google Home Mini aqua


Chromecast and Chromecast Audio

Bring your own speaker

* The best Google speaker for most people, the current system in your home, ie the sound system of your TV or other speakers you have at home. With Chromecast and Chromecast Audio, you can save some money and upgrade your current speakers to be compatible with Google Now.

From Google Home or from your phone, you'll be able to send voice to the speakers you've already relaxed and most importantly set up. A seamless and economical introduction to the assistant ecosystem. Google Store reduces Chromecast Audio to $ 15 this season.

Where can I buy Google Chromecast?


Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL

Google & # 39;

You've probably heard the praise of the camera in all circumstances – as the name suggests – but Night Vision is black magic. This is an AI supported feature that everyone can appreciate and trust immediately. Meanwhile, on the other side of the device, the wide-angle front-facing lens can actually replace your selfie stick.

In its third year, Google made Pixel a beautiful device. The matte-coated rear window is a delight to really keep. I've just wasted time seeing how good it feels. This is a solid device with a bright display, where follicles of last year are often forgotten.

In the meantime, you can browse the best of Android & Android with Google Now and Google Lens. Google has optimized the interface that is burning fast and easy to use, especially for iOS conversions. The Pixel 3 XL starts at $ 799 and the Pixel 3 XL starts at $ 899.

Where can I buy Google Pixel 3?


Google Pixel Stand

Wireless charging more

Once the wireless has been charged, attaching a cable to your phone during the day always gives you a back-to-back feel. This is a simple-looking technology, but it's extremely handy and fast, just as you want it to be charged for every technology product.

The Pixel Stand does all of this but has many other features that convert it into the so-called Google Home Hub. When Pixel 3 is in Pixel Stand, it can automatically launch a Google Photos slideshow and accept your Search queries and Assistant commands. Meanwhile, a Sunrise alarm clock adds a visual element to your morning awakening when the screen becomes brighter before awakening. It is expensive at 79 dollars but worth it.

Where can I buy Google Pixel Stand?

Google Pixel Stand


Google Pixelbook

The most beautiful laptop you'll ever use

Chromebooks now come in all shapes and sizes. Most users who like to use Chrome OS devices are familiar with entry-level laptops that are not more than $ 300 but are still efficient with the operating system. If you're a person who likes to use Chrome OS or you know it, getting a Pixelbook will enhance your experience with Google's cloud-based operating system.

The hardware was premium and was built like a tank. The keys are clicked with sensitive trackpad and with soft palm rests. By the way, the screen is a gorgeous and large touch screen that shimmers when used as a tablet. As a Chromebook, the Pixelbook will take many years and years without realizing any performance degradation.

This is 3-4 times more expensive and easy for Chromebooks that most people are familiar with. $ 999 is not accessible to most people. However, $ 250 + off, especially for 3-4 years when you think that this can only be the only computer for you, within the area of ​​mind. This is a balance especially for what kind of deals you can make during the holiday season.

Where can I buy Google Pixelbook?


Google Pixel Slate

Chromebook for fun

Although it is a new product category, Chromebook tablets can be your machine. However, if this is your primary use for this device, it is more convenient for you to go to a place where the keyboard is always added and not have an additional accessory to pay for.

The Pixel Slate is a consumable device with a gorgeous 12.3-inch display in a slim package of 7 mm. This is a great way to watch YouTube and movies while it's enjoyable to browse and wide.

The game and Android apps also benefit from the big canvas. Again, if you plan to do this with a Pixel Slate, entry level Celeron derivatives from $ 599 and $ 699 must be sufficient.

Where to buy Google Pixel Slate?

Google Pixel Slate


Google Pixel USB-C headphones

Socks filling

The first rule of wired headphones is that you will never get enough of them. Always keep a spare pair if it starts to tear or disappear. This year, Google made a perfect 30 $ Pixel USB-C headphones with a prep-set mentality for headphones.

Seemingly like Pixel Buds, these headphones are plastic-tipped, like Apple's EarPod, and have great adjusters to stay in your ear. However, the best part is the control pill that is used to adjust the volume, play / pause the audio, and of course start the assistant. They work great with any USB-C device including other phones and laptops.

Where can I buy Google Pixel USB-C headphones?

Google headphones

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