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Giant blood clot resembling lung / Boing Boing


Georg Wieselthaler / New England Medical Journal © 2018

It has been reported that a patient suffering from heart failure coughs up a large clot of blood, which somehow keeps the obstructed lung passages. Atlantic, Haley Weiss, "Doctors, a patient is not sure how they are out of this few" reported.

In the case of Wieselthaler, the blood exploded from the patient's lungs into the right lower lung, directly into the bronchial tree. After coughing down much smaller clots, Wieselthaler's patient pressed a longer, deeper cough and relaxed, spitting a large, oddly shaped clot that folded itself. After Wieselthaler and his team carefully assembled and put together this bundle, they found that the architecture of the airlines was so perfectly preserved that they could only describe it as the correct bronchial tree based on the number of branches and their alignment.

He died a few days later. I researched. Sorry.

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