Monday , June 27 2022

Geologist: Prehistoric reptile left a trail in the Grand Canyon


LAS VEGAS (AP) – A professor of geology at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas recently reported traces of reptiles along a popular road in the Grand Canyon National Park, as reported by a newspaper.

Professor Steve Rowland said that the pieces belong to the primitive reptile of the size of a baby crocodile and that it is a theory that dates back about 315 million years.

The 28 footprint runs diagonally over a rock on the edge of the Grand Canyon's Bright Angel Road.

Rowland shared his findings at the annual meeting of Vertebrate Paleontology in Albuquerque, New Mexico last month. He hopes to present a scientific paper in January.

The first time he saw the fingerprints during a family vacation and said "it has become quite unusual". He said he heard them from another geologist who noticed them on their 2016 march.

Scientists, parts of the animals will not know exactly what kind of animals will be separated, Rowland, similar to the Galapagos iguana, 2 meters (0.6 meters) length of a lizard-like creature imagines that he added.

He told me that he wanted to see the park staff talk about what pressure would do with the stones and see that it was moved from the canyon and added to a museum.

"It probably won't happen," Park spokesman Kari Cobb said.

The abolition of the rock and its showing elsewhere did not meet the mission of the National Park Service to preserve its natural resources.

"However, we can put an interpretative sign that tells people what they're looking at," he said.

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