Wednesday , February 24 2021

Game 25 vs Boston – Athletic

The buds are rolling, and that's not their last version. This was a big win for Leafs and recorded the record in 25 games between 17-8-0. The winnings themselves are a little less impressive given the circumstances on the other side (Boston, Patrice Bergeron, Charlie McAvoy and Zdeno Chara), but this is only semantic.

One or two words explaining how the team looks

I'm sure the Leafs are roughly 16 breakers tonight. Don't tell me about it, but this number is coming right. I understand that Bruins missed the best pair with the Selke caliber center (and I lost Kevan Miller at the time of the opening) and Leafs was super fast, but Boston was fucking damned. The Leafs blew up this night, but given the quality of luck, it's hard to say they're not a better team tonight. According to expected targets, Leafs …

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