Wednesday , October 20 2021

Frank Warren: There Is Anger In The Driver's Seat, He Is Heavyweight


Courtesy of Frank Warren, The Daily Star

TYSON FURY awakened last week's heavyweight – as WBC World Heavyweight Champion on Sunday.

The whole country, Deontay, was furious with Wilder – which was a wrong decision – and the rematch would be even bigger.

There were about 18,000 supporters at LA's Staples Center, and more than half of them cheered at Brit.


Manchester fighter shot rock rock in life 18 months ago.

And on the 12th lap of a thrilling clash with Wilder last weekend, when he was leaning back on his back, he became a rock in the ring.

But just as it was in life, Fury rose when it looked like it was over.

He was the only person in the arena who didn't think that it was over – it was really inspiring.

The decision of the judges to fight it was very bad, but we all know who the real champion was.

A Fury, appearing in the ring, was what we all thought was going to do, but you weren't sure about the time to leave the ring in the next rounds.

She was just amazing and she won the fight. I watched it again on Monday and thought it would have won at least four tours.

You can tell from the body of the last bell that Wilder doesn't think he's going to make the decision.

Anger is now in the driving seat. It's the world's number one heavyweight.

Of course, he wants to have the belt because it is the trophies of the sport, but there is nothing that the others do not.

He reaffirmed his position as the top man in the lineal champion and division.

Whoever wins the fight, number 1, and in my eyes, and a lot of asthmatic judges, Fury said I won.

Worried about the heavyweight section, it was a Fury that had only two warmings in three years, beating Wladimir Klitschko.

Now that the bank will have these tours, it will be even better.

Fury first wants a rematch with Wilder, but then it will come for Anthony Joshua – and better not hide.

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