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Five reasons to check out this year's East Van Panto


This year's East Van Panto (Craig Erickson, Christine Quintana, Raugi Yi and Dawn Petten) takes over the Wizard of Oz in The York Theater from November 28th to November 6th.

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East Van Panto Theater Change production: The Wizard of Oz is also a family-friendly annual tradition.

East Van Panto: The Wizard of Oz

When: November 28-January 6

Where: York Theater

Tickets: from & # 39; from $ 24

1. East Van tradition. Now in its sixth year, Theater Change production is an annual tradition that is also family-friendly. Five and up children will enjoy the fairy tale, and adults laugh at the jokes and local references: In this modern return, an explosion pipeline sends Dorothy to the so-called Nanaimo and Hastings. The British panto format also includes music, cross-dressing and a large number of audience participation.

2. The Wizard of Oz. Moving away from traditions such as Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs (2017) and Little Red Riding Hood (2016), this year is a more modern tale of Panto panto-izes, a classic 1939 film (and the source of Frank L. Baum's 1900 novel). 39 The Great Wizard.

3. Marcus Youssef. The award-winning playwright and the art director of the Neworld Theater took on the role of script writing this year. Other new players participating in production include actors Craig Erickson and Christine Quintana (Dorothy).

4. Favorites. Director of East Van Panto Stephen Drover, Hansel & Gretel, Dawn Petten and Raugi Yi have returned. Veda Hille and her collaborator, the percussionist Barry Mirochnick, are returning. The scores include a new (and some can be said to have improved) pop hits with lyrics.

5. Laura Zerebeski. Speaking of returning favorites, the natural Illustrator Zerebeski also returned. The local theater critic Colin Thomas, who reviewed the Snow White panto last year, praised the artist for yerel the style of Zerebeski – the fluctuating, life-saving images of Vancouver cityscapes – creating a special look for East Van Pantos;.

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