Thursday , September 29 2022

Feds promise $ 165 million in compensation after 270,000 disabled veterans held in pensions


OTTAWA – The federal government says it would cost $ 165 million to repay hundreds of thousands of disabled veterans and survivors for an account failure that deprived them of their pensions for seven years.

On Monday, Veterans Affairs Minister Seamus O hataRegan announced the failure and compensation package on the eve of Remembrance Day, as the federal NDP urged the government to really spend all the money allocated to the benefits of veterans.

Since O .Regan's department failed to properly explain a change in personal tax exemptions, between 2003 and 2010, 270,000 gas miscalculated adjustments to RCMP members and survivors' disability salaries.

"Most people will get a few hundred dollars, the maximum amount to be paid will be a few thousand dollars," he said.

The miscalculation was determined by the veteran ombudsman Guy Parent, who said last year that the team of the Canadian Newspaper had fallen on the issue when they were looking at another issue, and then pointed it out to the government.

O .Regan vowed to pay compensation to all veterans, and was not expected to begin by 2020, but blamed a large number of Canadian people affected by the ministry problem.

Complicated issues are the fact that there are about 120,000 affected veterans, particularly those killed in World War II and Korea. O mülkRegan's spokesman, Alex Wellstead, said the survivors and property would still be appropriate.

He said the mistake was disproportionate to the pensions from World War II and Korea and could not say how, but said he hoped the government would ensure that it would not be repeated. .

Truth and compensation news came on Monday for the New Democrats, because the Liberals spent $ 372 million on veterans' benefit in recent years, but not on a pressure.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh said he received insufficient assistance and obstacles when he came to service and support services for a very long time because the money approved by the Assembly was not used by veterans and returned to the treasury.

Singh said the lap of a lapse a money had to end. The NDP therefore decided to use a rare day of opposition to call on the government to adopt a non-binding movement for the budget spending next year.

A veteran of favorable for a benefit

Parliament members decided to discuss the debate on Monday and vote on Tuesday.

Subsequent governments argued that they demanded a lot of money from the Parliament in order not to have any problems when former service members needed help, arguing that they were unable to spend all the money allocated to their veterans.

On Monday, he would prepare the same point in the House of Commons: 39 funds, whether 10 veterans will come forward or 10,000, a gas that is eligible for assistance, cannot be reversed.

Ir If a laborer is eligible for a benefit, they take it. This pendulum has less veterans looking for a certain benefit when they head in the other direction; Money remains in consolidated revenue. "

Critics, however, have accused the secularists of long waiting times and other obstacles that make veterans access to services difficult, and said that unnecessary money can be used to help veterans in a variety of ways.

. It continues to be an ongoing problem with many veterans who don't know what benefits and services really exist.

Nüfus If you are going to allocate money to manage and distribute benefits, you should make sure that the population you're trying to help know about it, “he said. ”In Gazi Affairs Canada, communication would be better, more people could apply for benefits, and therefore more money would not be spent at the end of the year.“

– With Janice Dickson

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