Sunday , March 7 2021

Fallout 76 asks the Law Office to investigate Bethesda – Game Rant

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Bad news just keeps on coming In terms of Bethesda Studios Fallout 76A law firm such as Washington DC is discussing the idea of ​​opening a class case against the developer. On the basis of the potential application, Bethesda is alleged to have deceptive practices to promote better sales and increase revenues, all of which are for the benefit of their customers.

The Migliaccio & Rathod LLP law firm picked up Reddit in the morning on Monday to announce what they were studying, and if they purchased the game, they specifically asked them to contact them and then tried to get a refund. On Monday night, this article received about 2,000 comments, mostly people who were tired of hearing that they thought Bethesda was disappointed. Fallout 76.

While presenting the reasons for the case, the firm made it clear that the rejection of reimbursement was the main focus, but they had real problems with the state in which the game was launched. Lar Small mistakes and troubles, new games, Fallout 76 The game was launched with a patch of 56 GB, which is proven to be a starting point for problems.

Even if the law firm isn't the longest-running series on the court, it's clear that the most recent title comes from a real rage among the gaming community, as Bethesda's most recent title addresses. Migliaccio & Rathod, who did not go long before the Reddit message spread, claimed that they received such a great response and they crashed their website.


The reported response seems to be consistent with the level of anger in general among players waiting for another episode in anger. Fall out Universe. In addition to discovering an extremely different period of time, the ability to discover the land with other players finally seemed to be waiting for the fans. Of course, some of the high-ups in Bethesda conceded they were a bit nervous about adding a multiplayer feature to a single-player series so far.

It was Todd Howard's coming out and the company's concern. Comments for Fallout 76 This development team was among the worst for any game they brought together. Sales seem bad enough, as the price of the game was lowered by the MSRP third, just a week after the first hit stores. Even attempts to camouflage their prices are falling like another big Black Friday blowing up on their faces.

Buyers Fallout 76 Just a few days ago, $ 59.99 more long ago, they were already disturbed by persuading Bethesda to distribute the in-game currency as compensation. The company facing a full-fledged case on his face, there is another problem at this point to add to the stack.

Fallout 76 Available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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