Friday , October 22 2021

Epic's New PC Gaming Store Makes Waves Without a Toned Game


The new digital store of Epic Games was released last night during the Game Awards and already has its own feature: hell, the latest game of developers sign and pile of dead burned wood Supergiant Games. One of the reasons that can be given to the store in Epicayas game launcher. Fortnit toA look at the coming weeks. Epic, Steam's almost no choice of game, but it does something interesting to consider.

There are only three available games in the store, so you're not ready to cancel Steam yet. The biggest hook for players right now is that Epic will play free games every two weeks. For December this means underwater survival discovery game Subnauti by December 14th Super Meat Boy It starts on December 28th. The services on PS4 and Xbox One, and all subscription fees for Twitch and EA, are normally offered free of charge, but Epic is offered for free without any monthly subscription fees. You will see how good the free games are offered in the future. Subnauti by and Super Meat Boy Good enough to get started. (Combined, both games now cost $ 40 in Steam).

Another remarkable thing about the Epic Games store is that it is shared with game developers who are closer to the generous conditions of than revenue is with Steam. Developers receive 88% of the money from the sale of their games on the platform. This is regardless of how much the games are selling or how big the studio is.

But even though this revenue division brings more gaming content creators to the store, it's currently extremely small and simple. In addition hellThere are two more games you can buy right now: ash, action-role-playing game on the console yesterday and on the PC Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek. Darksiders III, a game without a shortage of flaws, December 14 Subnauti by followed by Super Meat Boy At the end of the month. There are nine more games listed as var Soon “:

  • Genesis Alpha A By Radiation Blue and Team17
  • Travel By thatgamecompany and Annapurna Interactive
  • Maneater Tripwire Interactive (soon)
  • Outside Wilds By Mobius Digital and Annapurna Interactive
  • impassable by Giant Squid Studios
  • Rebel Galaxy Attack By Double Damage Games
  • Satisfying By Coffee Stain Studios
  • Super Meat Boy Forever By Team Meat
  • world War Z By Saber Interactive

As this selection continues to grow, it is clear that the Epic Games store will not be like Steam in the near future. This is not just about anything. When it was announced on Tuesday, the store had started as a lam hand-made ün experience and I have to tell it after getting used to adjusting most of the noise on Steam when I'm trying to review its algorithmic-designed lists. A few of the newest and most recent games come alive to see a list of what I can buy.

Hide pages for individual games hell Although it has some information and fragments, there is no link to user comments or forums, news feeds, and many other features that may be useful from time to time, but are also overwhelming and unnecessary. Epic will be optional for developers when it says that its store will take things like user comments in the future, and can base it on per game. The left margin of the store is reserved for links to your game library, available downloads, and links to your friends list, but that's it.

It is clear and minimalist. It probably won't stay that way unless it's more crowded and pretentious. For the time being, it's a pleasant break from the distraction and attention from the internet and frankly.

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