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During the prison tour, he was raped. man, $ 175,000


A BC man who was forced to go on a prison tour when he was young as a criminal and was raped by prisoners will eventually receive $ 175,000 from a BC High Court which decided this week.

The decision is the result of a case filed by the victim, as specified in the court documents, such as the 54-year-old B.E.S.

According to court documents, B.E.S was sexually abused during a tour of the Oakalla prison, a prison in Burnaby, as part of the bir Scared Straight & tour of the late 1970s.

This was the result of a break in the house of B.E.S after one of his schoolmates encouraged him and the other two to enter a house and steal his best.

Following his first attempt to fail, B.E.S and his friends returned home the next day, drinking, orange juice ertesi and successfully playing a large television.

The police launched the incident and B.E.S. and friends almost. Police officer B.E.S. The house where his mother was angry at in the news of his son un prohibited Ann his socializing with his friends.

”Scared Straight“ program

S OL. The court had to go to the court as a result of his arrest, where the judge asked whether there would be a “frightened straight için program for such offenses and whether he would be allowed to join his family.

S OL. his parents accepted, but he agreed that he had no idea what the program was u a frightened straight ebeveyn.

A few months after the appearance of the court, B.E.S. She was taken from her home by a female supervisor who took her to Oakalla.

On arrival they entered the main entrance and walked in a corridor. The examiner was told to sit in a room to the left while negotiating with a guard. This guard then le caught sonra and walked up one or two floors of stairs according to the court documents.

They turned right on the stairs. B. The guards escorted. said he wanted to leave.

S OL. At this point, there were five custodian therem standing around and guard B.E. They enter a cell with them and lock the door, B.E.S. They were going to show him what prison is like.

The inmates then began to rape her – giving B. E. tec extreme pain Mah.

Finally, the guard opened the door and pulled her out of the cell, then the B.E.S. Outside, opposite the car park and down stairs. He opened a door to an area with four or five cells.

Guard B.E.S. He walked into one of the cells and locked him down for a while. When the guard finally released him, he was pushed against a wall and said that no one would believe his story. B.E.S and the guard later walked up a staircase where they were met by a parole officer and taken to his home.

The incident was detailed in the court documents which had been disclosed to the public after the decision.

Prison held many tours

Oakalla, located in Burnaby – was renamed the Lower Mainland Regional Improvement Center in 1970 – closed on 30 June 1991 and became a new residential development area.

But before it was closed, according to the court documents, the prison organized numerous youth tours between 1978 and 1981. These tours are regularly left alone, locked in dark cells and exposed to various forms of abuse.

While delivering his decision, Justice Jennifer Duncan, B.E.S. He was sexually assaulted by a number of inmates at Oakalla prison because of the actions of a coroner and was responsible for the City due to the actions of the unknown officer.

B.E.S was awarded US $ 150,000 for non-pecuniary damage and US $ 25,000 for future maintenance costs.

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