Monday , June 27 2022

Drive over 500 meters after a tipping


The RCMP is investigating the death of a man who was thrown from his car and 500 meters from the vehicle.

RCMP is looking for a r big vehicle çık driver after a man gets out of a car and drives a half-kilometer highway.

One man, after losing control of Kia, passed through Medina 43 in Medina and died Friday evening after tipping over highway 43. The man was thrown out of the car and the police believed that a larger car had dragged the man down the highway for about 500 years. meters found, where found.

RCMP spokesperson Cpl. Leigh Drinkwater said emergency response teams couldn't find anyone in the car or near them when they first arrived. He said the big vehicle could be a semi-trailer, a large truck or a bus.

The police were on the ice at the time of the accident and were heavily snowed, in a police bulletin.

The police did not release his name and did not know his age or his country immediately.

RCMP, 780-786-2291, ask anyone who wants information about the vehicle that might have hit the driver to seek the Mayerthorpe detachment.

The Green Court is approximately 145 km northwest of Edmonton.

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