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Despite the delays, the construction of Union Station points to another turning point as the new dining hall opens


Vehicles passing through Union Station will receive a new experience on Monday at the officially opened dining hall in York Concourse.

It is an important turning point for the reconstruction of the iconic train station. This program is far behind the program and a lot of budget. The projected cost increased from 640 million dollars to 823 million dollars during construction.

"We've worked hard to have a retail experience that represents the unique and truly the best Toronto representative," says Vanessa McDonald, managing partner of the station. Said.

The lower floor adds 25,000 square feet of new space to the building. Among the restaurants that will be opened in Bangkok Buri, Installed Pierogi, McDonalds, Paramount Fine Foods, Pizza Pizza, Roywoods, Scaccia, Shanghai 360, Sushi Shop and Tim Hortons dining room.

“Trends have been more for a fast and comfortable environment,“ said Monte Wan, a creator of Bangkok Buri.

"I'm really excited to come to this point. [eateries] Wan is increasing his games.

Improving the experience of more than 300,000 people traveling with Union Station every day was the main goal of the revitalization project for the city.

Su It's great to get more services, Phil said Phil Verster, CEO of Metrolinx. The regional transit agency has trains and buses to and from the Union every day.

McDonald asked the following question for the renewed station: Where does Toronto go? Eventually, planners hoped to create a sense of community.

Sahip The next new market area and independent curators. It looks a lot like Lawrence Market. Lawrence

However, due to construction delays, there is no timeline for when to open this field.

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The massive project was originally scheduled for completion in 2015 for Pan Am games. He saw years of delays and a number of significant budget increases.

Now the completion date was revised to 2019, the city's contractor pointed to Bondfield Construction as a source of backlog.

In a statement, a spokesman said the city was "very disappointed and disappointed" with its rate of progress.

"The Union Station Revitalization Project, along with other Bondfield construction projects in the province, has experienced significant delays in recent months."

Projects in Thunder Bay and Cambridge are facing significant delays.

Bondfield Construction did not respond to an interview with CBC Toronto.

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The delays in the project led the city staff to start negotiations with the contractor's bail company, Zurich Insurance.

The staff stated that they had been negotiating with both companies on ”the possible ways to complete the project in 2019 uk and said that the city hall bulun actively manages this project and will consider all future options to ensure that it is completed“.

When pressed for details on the new timeline, the city staff would not comment by saying it was the target year for 2019 to be completed. An updated program will be provided "when it is available".

Despite the delays, city officials emphasized that significant progress has been made in the overall project. In addition to the VIA Rail lounge and bicycle parking stations, the York Concourse was completed.

The work is now in the restoration of the Great Hall, where VIA passengers arrive and depart, the mansion where the new Bay Concourse is located, and where the station is placed in the open spaces of the mansion.

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