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Dermott, Ozhiganov scored the first goal, Leafs buried Bruins on the thriller

It was a good test for our blood pressure against Boston Bruins tonight if it was a night of heart warming for Philadelphia Maple Leafs and his fans on Saturday night against Philadelphia. Leafs and Bruins looked out all night, but Leafs didn't put the ball away after 60 minutes, and the home team made it 4-2.

Mitchell Marner was great for Leafs. His team led the way in classic Mitchian fashion overnight: three assists, two primers. Kyle Dubas' defensive third pair Travis Dermott and Igor Ozhiganov each reached their first goal of the season. His first career with the NHL goal Oz! But the winner of the game took Josh Leivo's bat after a gigantic ride from the party to Tyler Ennis' network.

It's a top poll, because we can never get anything pleasant, and it was a big conversation during the second intervention. Bonus question for comment, Who is leaving the 23-person squad to make room for the two young stars of Leafs? I put it in the survey, but should Leafs Par consider Lindsaying Lindholm to play with the Goat?


When Matthews and Nylander get back, who's up?

  • % 27

    Gauthier and Ennis

    (85 votes)

  • 26%

    Gauthier and Leivo

    (80 votes)

  • 21%

    Gauthier and Brown

    (66 votes)

  • % 3

    Gauthier and Johnsson

    (11 votes)

  • % 4

    Lindholm and Ennis

    (14 votes)

  • % one

    Lindholm and Leivo

    (6 votes)

  • % 5

    Lindholm and Brown

    (18 votes)

  • % one

    Lindholm and Johnsson

    (6 votes)

  • % 5


    (18 votes)

Total 304 votes

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First period

Some early thoughts:

Wow, David Backes has only one goal this year, and a few players are playing fourth for a wounded team. Who would have guessed that. Still, he got the chance to score the game first, so he couldn't handle the jam. Boston voodoo lives and is strong.

Zach Hyman took a broken bat on his face during the first or second shift, so the 1600 Game Man Patrick Marleau made a change with Marner and John Tavares. These three men looked very well together in the transition to the first line of Bruins' David Pastrnak, Brad Marchand and John F Kennedy. Marner and Tavares basically stayed away from the offense all the time, and Marleau was right up. Perhaps this new line is something to consider when Auston Matthews and William Nylander returned?

Kasperi Kapanen really starts playing the style Babcock wants; Hyman style. This year I was very impressed with Kapanen. He took out two great games from the left wing and took his man out of the package and pushed the game into the middle of the ice. Particularly in this period, Kadri was an integral part of his game. Closing, beyond the following divisions, has used the ability to play with the disc at least twice so far to set up Kadri.

Bruins defense began to deteriorate in the second half of the period. He got good luck on the left Jaroslav Halak has left the glove, Marner had a great chance at the edge of the network a strange man rushed to the side of the net as he fell, and Nazem Kadri had the best chance of Leafs when Travis Dermott sent the perfect way of passing him to leave. Kadri dropped a note to the backhand, but could not get enough of the package.


DERMOTT! Sophomore finally made the first goal of the season another amazing change from the Tavares line. JT almost threw the slope at the beginning of the shift, but there were too many bodies on the way. The triad has always been really good at disc recovery, and they have used this skill for full effect. At the end of Dermott's mouth, they could close his mouth from the front and put his shot right and left. Worked for great effect.

After multiple

Leafs were as good as they saw in the first period, even the shots were too much. Both have 19 attempts, Boston goes 9-11 and Leafs scores 11-10.

At the beginning of the second period, we learned that Bruins took a disk around Kevin Miller's neck and was sent to the hospital for further evaluation. Beyond Torey Krug, all four of these Bruins were wounded.

Second term


After more than 120 minutes, Par Lindholm took the first home game in the penalty spot and after a long shot, Pastrnak found a hole in the short circuit between Frederik Andersen and the post. Although Dermott had left his target, I really liked Dermott's position and weight to kill him. Much better than Carolina with its performance.

Several shifts were then seen with Leivo, Kapanen and Kadri, and this line did not support defense after an opportunity on the vulnerable blue line. Freddy had to accumulate a large glove to protect his team from opponents in their area. Apart from Dermott, it should be said that Leafs looks less timid than the first. Then again Leivo did not have a dynamic skater, and this bias only affected my analysis.

Just as the buds really began to attack (12 minutes later I wanted to throw their first hit for the first time), but they took a step too far from being caught on ice with too many men.

ZAITSEV JUST PLAY PISA BETWEEN THE WARS THAT HAVE A WAR ??? WHO TOLD HIM OKAY. At least, the next chance is good for him by pushing the bitch with ice.


Lovingly from Russia, Igor Ozhiganov, Toronto took the first NHL target for Maple Leafs from an incredible game behind Marner's net. This goal came after a shift hairy Leafs' penalty kills nearly twice. At this point the crowd was freaking out. A big celly from Oz, get that monkey out of his back!


You know, I really chose Pastrnak for a few hundred dollars in the Czech Republic, so he stopped giving Leafs a point! William Nylander's best friend threw out his second term, one minute after Ozhiganov's goal.


Tyler played two times, even if not three times, with Enler's Anders Bjork in the revitalizing box. Tavares also had a great chance in front of the net, but it was the second unit that did the job. Ennis quickly escalated after a sudden rise and bombed some incredible danglers and set up Josh Leivo to score an exciting goal for Leafs.

After two

Bruins took control of the second period and carried both of them to 2/2 in the playoff and both goals to Pastrnak. Even more powerful, Bruins had more shots (7-11) and Leafs (18-20) attempts, but Leafs continued to lead in scoring (10-7). Mitchy was a big part of that.

Third period

And now, a Public Service Announcement from Omar:

The vast majority of the third period almost ceased to be a lot. Both Freddy and Halak must have been gigantic by closing their wings and fighting in front of the net. After an intense change from Bruins to Leafs, Andreas Johnsson made a big dive block for a great scoring chance. After a quiet second period, Kadri lived again. It was a good combination for Kapanen and Jake Gardiner, some big disk movements in the aggressive zone.

Both sides were definitely playing … on the edge.

He's down at 2:30 in the arrangement, Bruins has his goalkeepers. After a brief moment of heart attack, Pastrnak faced a wide open network, but once he broke his clubs, Marner came back with a single man and …. WHAT CAN YOU DO? ? UGh, typical Mitch.


God bless Zach Hyman. He knows how to put the pack on an empty net like I've never seen it before.

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