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Day Mutant Year Zero Gün The Future of Xbox Game – Variety


"Funcom will be available on Xbox Game Pass on Tuesday, announcing the Mutant Year Zero: A Path to Heaven next month.

The tactical adventure will be available free of charge for Xbox Game Pass subscribers on December 4th. In addition, Microsoft announced 16 titles on Saturday and will also offer its subscribers the first month for only $ 1. So it's a perfect time to try. This agreement is valid until January 3rd.

A demo can be used with instant access to anyone who pre-ordered the deluxe version of the game, $ 54.99, to experience the first few hours of the game right now.

The turn-based struggle of lider Mutant Year Zero ılabilir was comparable to ”XCOM ant and the game was developed by the former creative leaders of C Hitman“ and m Payday “. The story of the game follows anthropomorphic animals that explore the post-human landscape.

Funcom's CEO Rui Casais announced the game from Xbox Game Pass in a press release.

Casais is excited to bring the heyecan Mutant Year Zero: Way of Heaven ”to Xbox Game Pass. Uz This is definitely not your standard console game, and we think that the Xbox Game Pass subscribers will find a unique and fun experience with the ero Mutant Year Zero “.' They may not have discovered the opposite. We're very pleased with the Xbox version of the game, and the whole team is excited about Game Pass, which allows us to reach an even wider audience on the playground. "

The iyor Mutant Year is Zero: The Way to Heaven, is coming to Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4 on December 4th.

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