Wednesday , October 20 2021

Counter-Strike, Battle Royale Mode Adds, Play To To Play


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This is a great day Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Valve's tactical shooter medal is played free of charge and added a battle royale mode called “Dangerous Zone Val.

The change in free gaming is quite simple. The basic game is now completely free, giving players instant access to silah all game modes, matchmaking and a limited number of droplets and weapons status Temel. However, there is an option where you can spend $ 15 to get bir Prime ece status. You enter a special matchmaking pool and make it suitable for silah Prime-exclusive souvenirs, artifact drops and weapon cases “.

As for war royale, Counter StrikeTo end all modes, handle the mode on a smaller scale Fortnit to and PUBGAlong with the player, solo or ordinary two or three depending on a staff of the clock counts the hours at 16-18. Weapons will behave the same way as others CS: GO You can use them to buy more weapons but you will have to grab them to find weapons and cash that you can use to deliver them with unmanned aerial vehicles. You can also make money by completing special mini missions such as contracts and hostage rescue.

You'll also have access to a tablet that can be used to track deployments and competitors' locations. Basically, Valve made a battle royale mode to order from Amazon during the holiday season.

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