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Comic Bookist Blames Weekend, Singer Stole ason Starboy Yaz Stole


By Brent Furdyk.

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A comic book writer claims that The Weekthe has created a rap-themed cartoon 39 Starboy e for his alter ego and launched a case against the Toronto-based rapport.

According to TMZ, the comic book writer Eymun Talasazan claimed in his case that the comic book universe, which revolves around the stars of rap and R & B in 2014, withdrew in 2014, and in 2017, un Starboy; represented the universe in terms of bringing the weekend. claimed that they were arguing with people. after his release Star Child album.

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Talasazan, before the end, "Starboy" in the comic book as a hero to open a brand says. opposition to this trademark.

In June 2018, Weekend Star Child Comic book Marvel through where the case came from.

According to Talasazan's team, Marvel claims that the comic book characters were a çizgi close identical yıl that he put forward during his debates with The Weeknd's people a year ago.

Plaintiff attorney Kirk Schenk is not concerned with who used the term in Starboy “or was used for the first time. . In this case, a songwriter will automatically decide whether or not all of the lyric uses of a word (without making a trademark application) provide brand protection, even if subsequent uses are not related to albums, song titles, music, or lyrics. “

Talasazan is suing The Weeknd for trademark infringement; in addition, he demands that all copies of the comic book be recalled, confiscated, and destroyed.

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The case has nothing to do with a completely different kop Starboy ılar case, a songwriter accusing The Weeknd of breaking his songs.

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