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City security should be improved: Vernon Chamber of Commerce


Drug use. Vandalism, Property crime. Customer safety.

The Vernon Chamber of Commerce said that some of the items on the agenda of a meeting on social housing in the city center were held on Tuesday. According to the chamber of commerce, the Ministry of Interior, B.C. Association of Housing and Turning Points Cooperation which operates homeless shelters and low-income houses.

The room was organized by Vicki Eide, owner of Dean's Tailor Shop, and the meeting was organized by B.C. Housing and Turning Points are building a residential facility next to the Gateway Shelter on the 33rd Street.

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"B.C. It was important to meet. Housing for a complete understanding of the scope of the new temporary facility and the services to be provided, hizmet Eide said in a press release. ”We want to keep the city center safe not only for the business community, but also for the street people.“

According to the room, B.C. Housing and Turning Points ensured that the housing facility was temporary until the new My Place apartments on the 27th and 35th Street were open in the spring. It was also said that the residents of the temporary shelter facility would exit the Gateway shelter and be selected by an application process.

Vernon homeless for cold weather shelter

Du Business owners are really affectionate towards those in need and most have established personal relationships with these individuals. However, business owners are facing a situation in the city center that is increasingly tense,, said Dione Chambers, general manager of the Great Chamber of Commerce of Vernon. ”They are not only concerned with the safety of themselves and their customers, but also with the security of those who are in need of a negative element.“

The room says he calls the city to improve the lighting in the downtown area on 33rd Street and Coldstream Boulevard, where some lights do not serve.

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