Monday , June 27 2022

Child killed by float in Santa Claus parade in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia


The police officer told a four-year-old girl that she died on Saturday night under a buoy in a Santa Claus parade in Yarmouth, New York.

. It was a very traumatic event for the parade and everyone involved, C Cpl said. Dal Hutchinson from Nova Scotia RCMP.

"As far as I understand, there were a lot of people nearby, so now our thoughts are with the family of this little girl, because it is a very difficult time, but also with the community.

The incident happened before 7 o'clock in the morning. Near the Main Street and Starrs Road intersection in the middle of Yarmouth. The Yarmouth Christmas Parade is scheduled to start at 6.00 am. Saturday evening.

"He wasn't on the float. He was running next to a moving buoy when he fell under a float," Hutchinson says. Said.

At a time, we just heard screaming & # 39;

Vance Webb, a retired machinist on the outskirts of Yarmouth, joined the parade on Saturday with his wife, step-son, and three grandchildren.

. We were just watching the parade and then heard about 30 meters away – suddenly, the float stopped and I see something in place, "he said.

"Then suddenly, we heard the screams. It was very close to us."

Webb said that all events turn into gibi turmoil ü as people understand what is happening.

"People are closer than 50 meters – none of us is good. All adults were crying. Everywhere I saw, hundreds of people were crying," says Webb.

"This will really affect the city."

Reaching for help

The girl was taken to Yarmouth District Hospital where she was treated immediately by the RCMP officers and Emergency Medical Services at the scene and was pronounced dead.

Hutchinson said that she knew there were many who had witnessed the incident, and that they might want to seek help, including first aides, for help.

Biraz If you're fighting what you're witnessing, it's very important to talk about it and get some help to cope with those feelings, “he said.

An RCMP spokesman said the police did not make criminal charges.

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