Friday , March 5 2021

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra Split? – Recap – Hollywood Life

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra may be heading into one section because they have announced their separate plans in the "Teen Mom OG" section of 26 November. Get all the details here!

During November 26 Teen Mom OG, Catelynn and Tyler She explained that they were pregnant – something she described as elendir unexpected ”news. Tyler, meanwhile, was very ne frustrated görüy with his marriages and saw a therapist, so the timing of the cheerful news could not come. A worse time. During therapy, Tyler said he needed “something to make a change in the relationship to make you feel good in the relationship Ter. Tyler told Catelynn that he would like to try living separately for a month. “It was ruined at first,“ she said, but after starting her own therapy, she said, u I'm more comfortable with this idea. “

When one of the producers asked Tyler and Catelynn about their therapies, Catelynn said that after completing her personal belongings, she was in couples therapy. And Catelynn said he wasn't happy about the idea of ​​living separately from Tyler – inç I don't think about any of us dan – because T it hurts Ve. Knowing that you have to look at 3-year-old daughters alone, especially when you are pregnant. ”It's very stressful,“ Tyler said. And he does it – Tyler did it. Nova Catelynn went to rehab every time.

A separation seems shocking – we'll accept it – but Tyler and Catelynn have hopes to help in the long run for their marriage. They even plan to continue night and talk to each other regularly. And they have a lot to look forward to – in the same department, Tyler and Catelynn discovered that they were waiting for a girl! And Nova seemed very excited about the idea of ​​being a big sister. So cute!

Meanwhile, Maci and Taylor They started looking at a house they thought they had bought – one of them could get old before. And after a bid was accepted pretty quickly, so it seems to move very soon. as for amberHe continued his boxing training this week. Gary Vasectomy was performed. She looked pretty painful, but she said it was something she wanted to do. KristinaSo she wouldn't have to get pregnant again by mistake.

Finally, Cheyenne face to face CoryEx-girlfriend Lauren He was living after I invited him to a big party. And when Cheyenne threatened at first, when she told him that Cory had chosen another girl he'd always been with, he ended the party with a smile on his face. From Cheyenne, a girlfriend never lets nix's life. Zach He tried to do it with Cheyenne and Cory.

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