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Canucks Post Game: Pettersson plaudits, Eriksson, respect Gaudette's win

Friday, drawing attention to thinking like Canucks did, gave the same advantage after the first period on Monday and made a convincing 7-2 decision on the Panthers at Rogers Arena in 1-7, leading 5-1 on Friday. shows you made changes to switch to:

PETTERSSON PLAUDITS: "Winning is best and does not come easy"

Elias Pettersson had this feeling of satisfaction.

As a result, it was a result, and some of them won the first 10 games with 10 goals, Calder Trophy, who began to look like a storm in the league last season. The encouraging sight on Monday was the slippery Swedish center, which used its speed and creativity to create all sorts of problems for the opposition.

He easily encouraged the attack zone and three aid nights to score eight points (1-7) in the last four games. To put both goals in J.T., His defenders went back to their heels. Miller – The first is a definite transition, the second is in the attack zone, leaving Alex Edler for a patented Miller deflection.

Etters I'm very happy, P Pettersson said, with four shots, five attempts and three shots. “Last game, I felt I didn't move my foot as much as I wanted. I wanted to play fast today. "

So everyone did.

The crazy first period included the following foray:

– Every 10 minutes, he scored every single goal in the opening and each goal scored a point other than Boeser, who was going to stop third.

Renewed Tim Schaller scored the fourth goal in the last three games.

Jake Virtanen cried his third pointer many nights.

– Ridiculous Michael Ferland showed a lot of stuns to score two goals.

– Forgotten Loui Eriksson, did some devastating match work in the second goal.

The only drama left after Canucks took the lead 5-1 after 20 minutes was that when they were deprived of this advantage over the Washington Capitals, they made a comeback to Freaky Friday. Not this time.

“Great – it excites everyone, P Pettersson said of his passion for early goals. Im I can say that men in the room are confident and want to work hard. Winning is best and the way we start the season is not easy. It takes a lot of time to work hard and stay modest.

Uz We work hard there. We think of all the little details and this was great for us. With the game ending in Washington, we wanted to make sure we played 60 minutes and we really did it tonight. "

FERLAND FORECAST: or We want to be the player we need and you will see that in time ”

Michael Ferland has been under pressure from the beginning of this season.

He desperately wanted to give Canucks' faith the potential to return and bring back to the 20 target plateaus of Calgary Flames and Carolina Hurricanes with a $ 14 million commitment for four years. a necessary physical element.

This seemed like an access, because in 11 games one goal will not move the happy counter. However, following the aggressive game again will always be the winged ticket to be an important factor. An aide, four shots, two strokes and a takeaway on Friday and two aides on Monday, will go a long way to regain the lost trust.

Ferland stepped up to set up Brandon Sutter with a backhand feed on Monday's opening target, and then used his size and presence to make a big open Josh Leivo 5-1.

Ferland first played with Pettersson and Boeser, who gained speed, prediction, quarterback and a clear presence. He then aligned with Bo Horvat and Tanner Pearson and had a great accent to bring an element needed in the physical element. And now it's about Sutter and Leivo, responsible for defense, good at transition and even better at the offensive zone.

Ag In the summer, I slid a bit more in Calgary when I was a little younger with him, so I know him very well – person and actor, Be Beagle said. “Was very driven. It's too hard for him. A man who works hard and wants to be an actor he really knows he can be. The main message takes time.

“Its role is hard to find. When I got here, I broke my arm five games and threw me 10 to 15 games to find out where I was sitting and what they wanted me to do. He's trying to find the right one. We speak clearly and start to recognize new men, and we know which buttons they click and how they click.

Or We want to be the player we need, and you will see that over time. In the last few games, he finds more physical and niche. "

ERIKSSON Wins Respect: “No complaints, remained positive and professional”

There's something we don't see on the periphery of experienced wings.

We see the big contract and the lack of production – Only 29 points (11-18) in 81 games last season and only 32 goals as a Canucks manager win in 198 games – and we win back. And rightly so.

We know that Eriksson is still good at defending and can kill fines. But he hasn't played since the opening of the season, and unless he plays like he did on Monday, he will get another disability or seriously indifferent play to make it a regular option.

Where another party enters – the respect side.

Ag No complaints, Be Beagle said. Dı He remained positive and a professional I know from the past. You never know what this game will bring. It's a job. There are things you don't expect, and the only thing you can control is what you do.

“And he did, even sitting. After the workout, he resonated throughout the room to see a man staying outside and exercising in the gym. Even after 900 (career games) he still does that. "

Eriksson helped his opening goal on Monday and received praise from Travis Green.

Üm I thought Loui was fine tonight, ko the coach said. Şey Something is smart and he knows what kind of game it will be when I bring him to this line. (Tyler) I thought Motte provided a lot of things that he did. He seemed faster and looked good on this line. "

Eriksson will tell you that it is not fun to play and that you understand how well the club plays, the lower the chances of playing. He remained physically fit, but mental war is the most difficult.

“It's not that easy, 34 said the 34-year-old Swede. Iz You have to think positively, and when you get the chance, do it well. And that's what I'm focusing on in my role. I probably changed a bit from the game I used to play, but I still think I could bring something to the table and be an effective player there. "

Last spring, a struggling Eriksson was finally a healthy scratch and did not face the New York Rangers on March 13. He had a goal in his previous 20 games and what happened now? However, Eriksson returned to the next game and after four exits, wrote the third four-point night of his career with an empty goal, and the three assistants won 7-4 victories against the Ottawa Senators at the Rogers Arena on March 20.

“The consumer has become a professional, Green Green added. “Sometimes, if they haven't played for a while, it can affect young men much more than an old man and a man around. As a coach, you know, he'il give you the best he can. "

GAUDS SQUAD: ım I'm ready to make that jump every night to be an impressive player ”

The first question to remember to Adam Gaudette on Monday morning was whether the promising center opened its bag in Utica.

“Not really, actually,” he laughed. I It was nice because I didn't have to pack up. I have a few games to go in and it was a good idea. "

And that tells you a lot about what he thinks about Canucks' expectations and where he thinks his game is. The 23-year-old Gaudette was able to shoot only one assist and two shots in three NHL regular season matches this season, but was faster, stronger and more noticeable on the discs.

Those who have long been praised for selling on every shift are not just words.

That's why Canucks & # 39; s not remembering a center instead of Motte and winged on the shelf for two weeks after hitting Friday's foot. Gaudette will play later, and the upcoming three games should offer the opportunity to swing California. And little discussion because it would be the first recall option.

Kariyer Yes, they said there could be just one thing – you can go back and get ready soon, Ga said Gaudette, who had 13 points (5-8) in 64 career NHL games. Lar They want me here and they want me to play. I will take advantage of it when I get the chance and try to stay out.

Dim I showed that I could play at this level and that I had made a definite improvement over last year. I'm ready to take this jump every night to be an impressive player. "

Before recalling, Gaudette scored a goal in two AHL matches – played between Zack MacEwen and Justin Bailey, and also centered on Nikolai Goldobin and Sven Baertschi – and there was nothing he could accomplish on the small league level except for plenty of ice times. .

More importantly, Goldobin and Baertschi saw his hunger back on The Show. Comets 7-0, Goldobin is the player of the week and has 10 points (1-9), Baertschi has nine points (2-7).

“Everyone wants to be here, Ga Gaudette stressed. “So, when you come down, you should have the same approach.”

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