Friday , February 26 2021

Canadian children rank low in global childhood physical activity report – Red Deer Advocate

TORONTO – Canadian children continue to be at low levels in a global report on physical activity.

The most recent publication from the Global Alliance for Active Healthy Children has identified that children in Slovenia and Japan are the most active among the 49 countries examined.

Canada scored D + in the categories measuring general physical activity and sedentary behavior, and physical fitness in the newest indicator.

Canadian data are taken from the Participant Report Card titled Physical Activity for Children and Young People, published in June. This report went from D + D to D-D in 2016 for general physical activity for Canadian children.

The global report blames Canada's deliberate display of much screen time, the urbanization of communities and the automation of housework.

The countries with the most active children and youth have strengthened physical activity with sosyal widespread cultural and social norms En.

Slovenia integrates sport with national identity and regularly measures the physical fitness of children aged 6-19. He received A grade for general physical activity, B + for family and peers, and A grade for government evaluating strategies and resources.

In the meantime, Japan has a well-established schooling policy and has taken A for active transportation and A for physical fitness.

The President of the Alliance and Ottawa Physician In general, Mark Tremblay says that activity levels are very low and are inin an epidemic of inactivity in a global childhood Mark.

He acknowledged that the data provided by the participating countries were inconsistent and provided incomplete information in the current work.

However, it was a milestone with the addition of 15 countries to the study, including many of them in South America. He says four countries in a previous study withdrew from the survey in 2016.

Tremblay, a researcher with ParticipAction research, says that Canada can improve its ranking by encouraging children to walk, cycle, or return to school and better manage screen time.

In the ParticipAction report, it was seen that 62 percent of the children aged 5 to 17 years old had only 35 percent of the children and three percent of the children had the required training, and 51 percent had more recreational screen. It is recommended.

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