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Blizzard may be working in a new Warcraft game inspired by Pokemon Go


Pokemon Go is probably one of the most successful games on the market. Considering an important detail, this phenomenon is not surprising – it is difficult to resist all the cute creatures waiting to be discovered. After seeing their success, other developers are trying to create similar games for mobile devices, but they will continue to be seen if they will be able to step into the steps of Pokemon Go.

Blizzard seems to be the first development company that wants to follow Niantic Labs' example. Although the announcement of the launch of Diablo Immortal for mobile devices is not well received, the team does not plan to give up their ideas.

According to Kotaku, the company is currently working on a mobile version for Warcraft and is inspired by the new venture from Pokemonn Go. The part that participates in this study is behind the Immortal and promises to create a game that can revolutionize the market.

Blizzard gives up his first ideas – Diablo Immortal 4

One of the reasons that set Blizzard to work on a game like Pokemon Go for mobile devices is that Cory Stockton, the leading designer, is a big fan of the franchise. Additionally, spin-offs can generate significant revenue that can be used for other projects. Unfortunately, we don't know anything about the new game and the team is not willing to share any idea because it is still going on.

Even if he starts working on a new project, Blizzard doesn't give up on 4.pearl Part of Diablo. The game received a code name – daha Fenris; and will have elements much darker than 3 Oyun.rd section of a directory. There's a lot of work to do, so there's no way to see the game until 2020.

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