Wednesday , November 25 2020

Black Friday laptop agreement: Save up to £ 590 on over 15in Apple MacBook Pro

The good news: We found a 15-inch MacBook Pro with 590 pounds of laptops on a great Black Friday deal in Direct Desktop. However, stocks remain limited.

Apple's MacBook Pro laptops are designed to be all-in-one creative hubs, so make excellent purchases if you're looking for something powerful and refined to edit your images. Read our thoughts about the time we suggest The best photo editing notebooks in 2018.

This is a great offer for MacBook Pro with a 15-core Intel Core i7 processor and 16GB of RAM. A 256GB flash drive will be plentiful for storing files you need to keep, and the laptop is ready to leave the box with Apple's pre-installed macOS 10.12 Sierra.

The 2880x1800px screen may not be one of Apple's Retina displays, but it offers brighter LED backlighting and increased contrast ratio, darker blacks and brighter whites – it also consumes less power than previous iterations.

Wide color technology with more vibrant greens and reds means images will be shown in realistic lifelike details – necessary for editing, graphic design, and color classification.

In this MacBook Pro, the connection comes through two USB-C ports on both sides, so you'll need a dongle to connect older devices such as USB-A, HDMI and Apple's Thunderbolt 2.

This MacBook Pro can be charged with any of the USB-C ports and, depending on how it is used, Apple specifies 10 hours between charges. Slim, sleek and weighing just 1.83 kg, this can be all the laptops you need – especially at a price of 26%.

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