Wednesday , December 1 2021

Best USB-C Hub for Google Pixel Slate


The Google Pixel Slate is light, luxurious and missing on the port. There is a USB-C port on each side of the tablet, a POGO keyboard connection at the bottom, and nothing else. Although Bluetooth peripherals can do their job most of the time, you need to capture a USB-C hub for this rare example when you need to connect an older flash drive or – paradise guard – a wired mouse and keyboard. The USB-C has been running for as long as we can begin to have some reliable hubs, almost without a leg and a leg, and these are what we trust with our peripherals and our Pixel Slates.

Only necessary

AUKEY 4 Port USB 3.0 USB-C Hub

All you have to do is install a flash drive and your favorite trackball mouse – what better, comfortable and narrow spaces – this simple center of AUKEY will handle the job without having to pay for curious ports like Ethernet, HDMI and PD interlaced charging.

$ 15 in Amazon

Longer cable

AmazonBasics USB 3.1 Type-C to 4-Port Aluminum Hub

The 4-port USB-C hubs of the AmazonBasics have 2 models, but this has a two-legged cable, which allows you to comfortably protect your hub while using your Pixel Slate. Like AUKEY, it does not support hub switching, but you can use the second USB-C port for Slate's charger.

Amazon at $ 19

Travel ready workhorse


This is the USB-C hub I've used and misused last year. This credit card-sized 7-port hub connects three USB-A peripherals, one HDMI display, one microSD card and a full-size SD card while charging your Pixel Slate at full speed.

$ 40 in Amazon

Peripherals on the left

1 USB-C Hub in RayCue 6

This charger may not be as compact as AUKEY, but has basically the same ports – it has a TF card reader instead of a flat SD – a slightly larger footprint for an almost 25% smaller price tag. Although RayCue is not as well known as AUKEY, the center has good reviews so far.

Amazon's $ 31

Cancel music

ONTOTL 9 in 1 Aluminum USB-C Hub

Bluetooth is good when you're listening to a plane or wrapped in bed, but when you want to plug it into good desktop speakers while you're working, get this jam from ONTOTL. It also has an Ethernet port and more than 5-star review from 1200.

$ 60 in Amazon

A center to rule them all

VAVA USB-C Placement Station

To tell a crappy Disney thug, "Oh, Mom, I need to get one of these!" One docking station has its own power supply, 4 USB-A ports, 2 HDMI ports, 1 USB-C perimeter port, one microphone / headphone 3.5 mm jack, one SD card slot and one Gigabit Ethernet There are ports. Oh, and another USB-A charger-only ports and a Qi quick charger, because apparently this thing was sitting in front, the thing wasn't sick enough.

$ 150 in Amazon

I'll admit, the VAVA Docking Station is a bit much, but most of the USB-C desktop switches on the market cost more than $ 150, without providing as many ports as possible to leave a Qi quick charger. Most of us need a USB-C hub that can fit into our pockets, and I'm very happy with my AUKEY CB-C59 for a year. It's the same size as my wallet, but it doesn't waste my purchase wallet.

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