Wednesday , December 1 2021

Before you become a boss, you must manage and guide.


Being a boss is not easy.

You spend hours working for hours in meetings by working on your technical skills, human management skills, and possibly working all day on your desk.

Bharath Jayaraman – many said it was a groundbreaking transition for new managers, but it shouldn't.

Jayaraman is the vice president of people in the financial technology company Paxos; He previously worked for human resources in companies including Facebook and Amazon. Jayaraman shared some ideas with me to better prepare employees to become managers.

An option is to give the person an informal management experience.

Jayaraman, "First to your team to get a new job as a mentor, do not make anyone an administrator." Said. "Set clear expectations, as a mentor, [their] The role is to help the company go effectively and understand what is being blocked. "

Another option proposed by Jayaraman is to organize groups of people who have expressed their desire to become managers and want them to undergo more formal training. Every few months, a new group of managers can review and discuss case studies or work with coaches and consultants.

"When people cross this and then," Hey, this isn't what I think I'm going to do as a manager, I'm not sure it's for me, "it's a great result."

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The research shows that most American workers don't really want to be managers. In a poll by the professional staff firm Addison Group referring to Bloomberg, he found that only one third of American workers believe that having an executive can improve their careers.

Instead, an expert told Bloomberg that many young workers today want to be bugün knowledge professionals iş, unlike human managers.

The problem is that, in some companies, human management seems to be a natural next step in their careers, even if not inspired by the idea.

"You hire adults, you treat them like adults," Jayaraman said. Said. Az Tell them what it means to be an administrator and ask them to decide if they want to do it, which is probably the most effective way to minimize some mistakes made by many people. "

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