Thursday , September 29 2022

Apple's 2018 MacBook Air reviews: Here's what critics say


WSJ: "If you're looking for a new Mac, the weather is the best choice. I've already ordered one. If you need more power, go to a higher level Pro."

Engadget: "Since I started the week I worked, I noticed that even when I received long Google Hangouts calls from a Chrome browser tab, the machine was quiet and reasonably cold. This is a task that sends my old Weather to a noisy, overheated tizzy regularly."

CNET: Tır The new MacBook Air is a bit faster than the previous model, which is still available 12 It's still faster than the 12-inch MacBook, which still runs the 2017 Intel chips, but is slower in the price class and the 13-inch MacBook Pro & " More than some comparable Windows laptops based on.

Do you have a better performance than before? Yeah. Do you need to expect more CPU power from a $ 1,199 laptop, which weighs 2.7 pounds and is a serious fan? Also yes. "

Anger: "This new MacBook Air is faster than the old MacBook Air, but not after a three-year margin (even if you buy the 2017 model). You can do the same things. I can do the following weather: A dozen in Chrome ne I run half a dozen applications with more tabs, and everything is pretty good. I think what most people will do with this laptop is no problem. fazla

wired: Izin If you're the one who creates graphics, editing 4K videos, or processing large photos to live, Air won't stop it, but it will process 15 to 20 browser tabs at the same time, let you edit photos in Lightroom without any hiccups, with ten apps at the same time You can run it smoothly. "

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