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Angels member Cells gets married in Montreal, daughter of drug dealer


Annie Arbic arrived on Saturday (December 1st, 2018) with a Hells Angel member, Martin Robert, in a convertible Cadillac for her wedding in downtown Montreal on Saturday.

John Mahoney / Montreal Newspaper

A wedding between a complete slope member of the Angels' Angel and his daughter, who is a notorious drug trafficker, met organized crime in downtown Montreal on Saturday.

Martin Robert, 44, and Annie Arbic, 32, married at the Windsor Ballrooms in Peel St. in Montreal.

According to the Journal de Montreal, there were about 300 people who had many Hells Angels branches and many people with ties to the Montreal Mafia and Rizzuto clans.

As a former RCMP intelligence analyst put it on Twitter, the “vogue” of holding the wedding in central Montreal raises questions about the gang's growing, sense of invincibility Eski.

Police officers are parked across the street and close to the entrance on Saturday and can be seen taking photos and videos to document everyone's participation.

Guests, who were transported as a mix of buses, limousines and SUVs, arrived at the ballroom at 4:45 in the city center. Some of them hid their faces from news and police photographers, others caught their attention. He wore at least one proud gold horn necklace.

Among the guests was alleged to be the leader of Hells Angels Salvatore Cazzetta.

The bridal party was wearing black leather jackets on their clothes with the word inin Ride or Die ler painted behind them. Bride and groom, dangling from behind, empty beer cans and saying, ”Don't go back to get married! Için An old blue Cadillac came up with a sign that says.

Both have been together for more than a decade, incarcerated for serious crimes at different points in their relationship.

Robert, a member of Hells Angels' Montreal division, has a criminal record, including arson, drug possession, assault and conviction for dangerous driving.

In 1994, after being targeted for Operation SharQc, almost in 1994 she was arrested in Quebec on the charges of drug trafficking, murder and conspiracy stemming from the gang's bloody war between her opponents. after an investigation leading to each member went to laminate. and 2002.

The nickname was Marty or Capo, Robert, one of the 10 most wanted criminals in Quebec. He was eventually arrested at the beginning of 2010 at a Mexican nightclub and has been in jail since 2015 after serving five years on the SharQc charges.

Arbic is the daughter of Sharon Simon, the famous drug trafficker named ünlü Queen of Kanesatake Ar.

She was imprisoned in 2008 when she was 22 years old for drug trafficking and money laundering offenses. She was arrested on the Cleopatra Project, a mothers-based RCMP leader inquest. In 2006, the mother and daughter duo were also arrested.

The long-standing relations of Robert and Arbic have been documented in the Parole Board of Directors resolutions in Canada for many years.

Although an example was court Thom, Arbic was partially paroleed at least twice because of his relationship with Robert.

In 2009, the probation board questioned how Arbic's relationship with him was inde very alarming verici and how he could live with Robert without “engaging endişe in his election.

In 2010, Arbic was again on parole after confirming that he was planning to continue his relationship with Robert, who was facing several murders at the time, after SharQc's Operation.

At the same time, several unauthorized permission requests were denied when Robert was cat. The authorities feared that they would try to flee the country for hiding.

On Saturday, when they arrived at the front of Windsor, drivers began to see Peel. Arbic honking and accelerating instead of parking, took a big step towards the ballroom holding a big bouquet in his right hand and the curtain in his left hand. .

Robert followed closely.


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