Friday , December 4 2020

Andersen must cut the Leafs trophy speech

After Monday's game, the press box in the SBA was waiting for the lift, and Frederik Andersen was cheering at the back of the Scotiabank Arena as it was announced as the first star.

"M-V-P! M-V-P! "

Of course, a few of the fans had a Hart ballot he had already filled, defending Morgan Rielly as sure-fire winner of Norris or Mike Babcock thinking that Jack Adams should start working on his speech.

Fortunately, when the doors to the dressing room were opened, the Maple Leafs themselves were still early-about-down-earth, and the emphasis was on the success of this season – early in the season.

The last thing they need is a cup speech in front of or beyond American Thanksgiving. This kind of reminder made in the past was made for long winters when wealth inevitably fell. Whether in December or not, the past disappointments have absorbed and steeled this version of Leafs in order not to be attracted by themselves.

It was great to fight first, without the need for Auston Matthews and William Nylander, and the game of Andersen, Rielly, Mitch Marner and John Tavares supported strong pre-season prognostications. But we have not won a presidential trophy, a championship or a play-off series since 2004, four of them to win a trophy.

This is a message from which Babcock continues to grow. Some players may crack when they catch their collar, but they know it is not the finished product. Marner, Andersen'e 4-2 after collecting 37 points against the victory, while discussing Andersen '' team MVP & # 39;

Iyor He's still pushing to be better, herhangi he said. The fortress itself .935 means that the percentage of savings is as confident as ever in his career in Toronto.

Leafs won the last four, including the rare gathering of California and the return of a reunion on Monday, but all they have to do is look around to realize this is a humble run. The breakthrough between 15-6 – the best start in thirty years – still has not removed them from the heel from the separatist pact with Tampa Bay and Boston. Montreal didn't act as fast as everyone thought, and I can't wait to start the geo-competitiveness of the New Year when Buffalo meets Leafs three times. Everyone plays 82 games and a high seed and home honey still does not guarantee an appropriate opening round match.

In the west, Nashville is a bit ahead of us in the overall standings and dynamic Jets, and their followers see themselves as Canada's next cup champion.

Therefore, Marner will get more results on Monday, when Leafs contributes to the board of directors.

”Nobody stands out, all our team came to play,“ he said. ”It's something special and something we have to go forward.“


Is there room for two Marley in Leafs?

Tyler Ennis has been running his water bugs routine for almost a decade, and has been able to work in tight spaces when Marner is not blessed with his hockey vision. The goal behind the Columbus network on Monday followed by the goal of the rally, the fourth-ranked winger in the world, everyone has no chance to so far roused.

Babcock, who made her a part of the second power gaming unit this year, c is starting to come in for her Onu. . He shot the message earlier (Monday) and the other night at home he was free and he missed the network. When he comes back, he'il get some points. "

Ennis had 20 three season seasons with Buffalo.

, It all starts with Enzo tonight, Mar Marner said. Zaman He was very good at creating time and space and making games for himself. He's in this room, and he's an amazing guy outside the track. "


Now that William Nylander signed it with Leafs, he fell to 10 days until he had to sit or sit down until 2018-19. He took out 134. Babcock did it in 267 games Burns reached 281 in 281, and Kelly reached Kelly in 318, but in the mid-1970s Kelly had a chance to work overtime in the day. aya Andersen started with Toronto Gamze Goaltender in 11th place, winning Bruce Gamble with the 83rd and next. At least 150 people were his 16th. Leafs used Carolina as a travel day on Tuesday.

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