Tuesday , October 19 2021

Alleged Mistress in the Offset Falls the "Single Material" in the Summer Bunni


The so-called mistress of Offset, B Cardi, uses extra pressure as a springboard for the singing career of rapos candidate Summer Bunni in the center of Cardi B. On Friday night (December 7), the 20-year-old nominated artist gave a song titled The Blast & # 39; a Don & # 39; t Matter.

According to the author, Yaz wrote about ş mixed feelings kal and wrote the song during the summer. He added that he felt ett neglected Kısa for a short time.

Im I just wanted to write down how I felt, Bun Bunni said.

Slow, R & B cuts, im I'm sick of you, I guess my feelings aren't important / How can I ever ask questions, am I better?

Siniz I hope you all play this shit when you're on your own. In So you can really think about why I went / emptied the rumor, curse the tea / what I really needed. "

He also goes on to say that all his Offset friends are trying to tı make love söy on the low and come in to do something.

Earlier this week, he released a blindfolded apology to Summer Cardi and then headed back to Instagram to re-pour it into his heart.

M It doesn't give me any joy to see the pain of another woman, nor do I think it's funny, bir she wrote. ”I've always worked for women who support each other, but in this case, not just myself, others have failed.“

Cardi announced on Tuesday night (4 December) that it was shared through Instagram. In the video, he said he was trying to solve things with "Offset" for the "hot minute". Obviously, it didn't work.

Meanwhile, the platinum-selling rapper was nominated for five Grammy awards, including only the best rap album category. Violation of private life.

Listen to. Not important as here.

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