Saturday , July 2 2022

Algonquin College dedicates seats in technology programs for women


Algonquin College dedicates 30 percent of the existing seats from the four most popular technology programs for women who meet the lowest admission standards.

The "We Have Established A Session" initiative was launched on Friday and hopes to increase the number of women currently participating in programs run by men.

Yorum It is possible to hear comments about backward discrimination, ları said Sarah Gauen, an expert at diversity and inclusion at the university.

. But really, it's about making sure everyone who comes to our school get a really good education. “

The three-year pilot project will reserve seats in these programs:

  • Electrical engineering technician.
  • Mechanical engineering technology.
  • Electromechanical engineering technician.
  • Computer systems technician.

Gauen said that 30 per cent of women were really in the group and they were critical masses in the classes that didn't feel isolated.

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However, the initiative does not create a limit on the number of women who can receive programs.

If the programs are extremely popular, Gauen said, anı they will be in open competition only for the rest of the seats. Eğer

"This program only allows guaranteed entry up to 30 percent for women," he said.

On the other hand, if there are not enough women, the remaining points will go to men.

Holly Wilson applauds the project and says he still remembers how annoyed he was in the early days of electrical engineering technology.

"[It was an] The first day scares, certainly "said Wilson." It was terrible to go in and see only the men. "

Now in his third semester, Wilson said he is now very comfortable with his friends, but thinks he may think whether more women will be surrounded by other women.

Wilson says, lanmış This kind of scary is just part of walking away from a place that is completely filled with men and feeling excluded.

Currently, women represent only about 10 percent of students in each technology program at Algonquin College.

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According to Kathryn Reilander, a professor of electrical engineering, there are two to four women per class.

She said it is important for young women to trust in continuing their mathematics and science education at high school and that it is important for them to qualify for engineering programs at universities and universities.

When you're a woman in grade 9, trust yourself and say you can do it, you can go into these areas of technology. [filled with] Men, "Reilander said.

"You will be successful. You will succeed. You will do well."

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