Monday , June 27 2022

Alberta has registered nurses and nurse practitioners to prescribe medicines, ordered X-rays


Alberta's health minister says the province has increased the ability of nurses to write drugs and order X-rays.

Nurses will need additional training and authority to undertake additional health responsibilities.

Sarah Hoffman said the government would introduce new rules by registered nurses and nurses as part of sexually transmitted infection programs and to allow it to write drugs at travel clinics under workplace health and safety clinics.

Registered nurses will not be allowed to write controlled medicines and substances.

Hoffman says that nurse practitioners can also create bone fractures.

Hoffman's idea is to provide timely access to care especially for home care patients and patients in long-term care.

"Certainly for rural and remote communities. Also for nurses working with patients who are having a hard time with mobility. Having this ability to prescribe, I think, will make a big difference," he said.

Health Minister Sarah Hoffman was joined by students from Mount Royal University's nursing program for the announcement on Friday. (Government of Alberta)

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Dennie Hycha, president of the College and the Association of Registered Nurses in Alberta, calls changes as a milestone for registered nursing.

"The Albertans will have more access to drugs and tests whenever they need, and more appropriately," Hycha said.

Hoffman praised the nurses for their vital role in health care.

"Our government supports the nurses' front office expertise and training to help the Albertals to do the care they need earlier and closer." Said.

The new regulations will enter into force in May 2019.

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