Friday , June 24 2022

A ’slippery slope; in Canada: The doctors of Ontario


In December, the federal government will be presented with three independent reviews of the dying (MAID) controversial medical aid issue.

The Liberals asked the Canadian Council of Canadian Academies to comment on Canada's first pass of MAID legislation in 2016, when it comes to requests for mature children, demands and claims that mental illness is a major health problem.

“Too early to comment. Reports will be put on the table at the latest after December 13th. "Said. Eric Morrissette, Canadian Ministry of Health and Canadian Public Health Authority spokesman.

But this is a Toronto Sick Kids hospital outline policy on euthanasia for young adults – a young person who cannot access adult children but is mature enough to consent to medical care (the current MAID legislation applies to those aged 18 and over). Interest of the group, Related Ontario Doctors and others.

Dr. Kulvinder Gill, Head of Related Ontario Doctors. (MICHAEL PEAKE, Toronto Sun)

Of particular concern is the contention of hospitals, which means that there is no meaningful, practical or ethical difference to the patient in the case of m patient death (in the case of MAID) with a consensual support and the refusal to maintain quality of life between admission to admission. interventions). "

Olan So much so that he's basically attacking the premise of medicine on his own, “said the pediatrician, COD. Kulvinder Gill.

”Now, he says there isn't a complete difference between letting a patient take an action that killed him and allowing him to do a natural death.“

There's more to what Gill says:

Q: What do you think about this discussion about mature children and euthanasia?

A. Frontline doctors were very much in the dark in this regard. Most of what we heard was through media, mostly international media. On the other hand, many of these new federal laws, which extend euthanasia to children and mentally ill, are putting the most vulnerable patients at risk.

Q. Do some doctors participate in writing the Sick Kids hospital draft policy?

A. There are some (palliative) doctors, but most people behind these panels and their policy positions are actually academics or bioethicists.

Q. Is there any country that allows pediatric euthanasia?

A. Netherlands and Belgium and have parents in the process. However, this (Patient Child) policy document could not imagine a scenario in which there was no other part of the world, without the participation of the family.

Q. Where do you think all this goes?

I think it's a very frightening slippery slope. Less than a year ago, doctors in Ontario lost their rights to conscience. That is, they must either be busy managing MAID or they should be involved in effective referral.

Q: What scares you the most?

A. We go down a slippery slope where we basically devalue human life.

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