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A simple blood test can diagnose cancer one day. But there is a catch – National


One day, people can do a cancer test as easy as checking cholesterol.

Dır Liquid biopsy aktif – a blood test – is an active research area for cancer diagnosis. Although research is still in the early stages and years of testing, more than a decade away from the public, experts say it can be valuable.

Dr. from the oncology department at the University of Alberta. . For early detection of fatal and potentially curable cancers at an early stage, this is probably going to be a game changer,. Said John Lewis.

How does the liquid biopsy test work?

The test works by detecting changes in blood flow, such as mutated DNA fragments or certain molecular changes that indicate the presence of cancer. Currently, cancers are diagnosed by tissue sample biopsies and are much more invasive.

Liquid biopsies can be used for a number of purposes, such as for monitoring a cancer treatment to actually narrow down the tumor, as well as for personalizing treatments based on a particular gene mutation that a patient has. At least that's what the researchers were hoping for.

For a recent study published in Nature, a Toronto-based research team was able to prepare a computer program to recognize some chemical changes in blood flow in people with early stage cancers, and even determined what type of cancer the patient had. List of several different species.

A cancer blood test showing that 8 types of tumors are present bulundu promising 8

Daniel It opens the door, it's still in research, but it opens the door to fluid biopsy for early cancer detection, aç says Daniel De Carvalho, a senior scientist at the Princess Margaret Cancer Center.

Another study published in Science in early 2018 gave promising results for a blood test that found cancer; this was determined by a median success rate of 70% in more than 1000 patients with eight different cancers.

These procedures need to be developed, refined and tested before they are released, De Carvalho says, and will last for years. However, he thinks that early detection of cancer can make a big difference for some people.

Kolay The sooner we diagnose cancer, the easier it will be to treat the patient. “

Epid The aim here is to find it, despite the tumor being so small, araştırma said Rayjean Hung, a Canadian research head for integrated molecular epidemiology in the Sina Health System in Toronto.

These two cancers were not diagnosed early enough and cost Canada.

Hung, another co-author of the Nature study, thinks that liquid biopsies may be particularly useful for patients with lung, pancreatic or other aggressive, fast-growing cancer.

Cancer treatment

Still the treatment is still a big question. What do you do if you find cancer, but you can't do anything about it?

”It's a very active discussion right now, Lewis Lewis said.

”If we know something is happening and we don't have a clear, clinical path in the future, is this information helpful?“

In prostate cancer, for example, PSA (prostate-specific antigen) tests have been criticized for leading to overdiagnosis.

”The PSA test has, for example, allowed many men to test prostate cancer earlier, but the side effect of PSA screening has been the identification of many men with non-aggressive persistent prostate cancers“. I said. This test has been criticized for causing unnecessary additional tests and even treatments for something that will not lead to a problem.

Ister With cancer diagnosis, there is anxiety and burden based on diagnosis, and typically most people want to do something about it. Mostly, there is no clear clinical benefit or treatment option. "

This is less of a problem in aggressive cancers such as lung cancer. P We rarely see lung or pancreatic cancer sitting there. So for those of you, over-diagnosis, a problem becomes less. But it's a problem for other species. "

He said that it would be unlikely that these tests would lead directly to a cancer diagnosis. Instead, patients will probably have to go after a positive result for CT scan and other imaging tests.

Can this new blood test detect cancer early?

De Carvalho will be trained in the computer program to identify himself with different cancers and will know which of them will not cause serious medical problems and will determine them appropriately.

What is important for less aggressive cancers, such as prostate cancer, is to determine whether the patient has cancer or not, which cancers will kill the patient.

“So the liquid biopsy and the whole area, biy Is there cancer? Dır Dan will have to be more specific. Spesifik Is there a specific type of cancer? & # 39; "

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