Sunday , March 7 2021

A king tide will visit Vancouver every day this week.

The ed king's tide insanlar is preparing to slap the shores of Metro Vancouver every day this week, which some people wonder: what is the her king's tide “?

"The tide of the king is not just a normal tide cycle, but one of them is steroids," explains the Weather Network.

They operate in a tidal manner (the moon and the sun are controlled by gravity traction), the sea level is much more.

Indeed, this phenomenon occurs several times a year and creates extremely high tides. In fact, when the sea level rises during the event, the areas of the city are actually overflowing.

Residents of Metro Vancouver have posted images of rising sea levels on Twitter and added that tides have an impact on climate change.

Take shore photos on our highest tides and help the city verify flood data. The rest of King Tides in 2018 is the highest during the following hours:

  • 27 November, 09:26
  • November 28th, 10:18 am
  • 29 November 11:10
  • 30 November 11:59

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