Saturday , December 4 2021

& # 39; One of the hardest decisions we'll make ': Premier Notley, Albertans & # 39;


The office of the prime minister, Rachel Notley, before CBC News, announced on Sunday evening before the announcement.

My friend Albertans, your energy resources – the natural heritage of every human being in this state – is sold for nothing.

One should make a real resonant decision for working people and the whole economy. I would like to take this opportunity to put Alberta's face and the forthcoming election.

First, let's look at the problem we're facing. We are in a position where we cannot move oil, because the government government in Ottawa failed to build a pipeline. Existing pipelines are full. The registration amounts of oil are shipped by rail, but not nearly anywhere to reduce the accumulated load. As a result, most of our oil fits in the warehouse as never before: 35 million barrels.

Only there is too much oil sitting there, can not be moved, the fire is sold at sale prices, about 10 dollars barrel. The other oil products in the world sell six times more. Nonsense, economically dangerous and not allowed to continue.

The long-term answer is building new pipelines that we will continue to fight. We are also increasing the capacity for refining and refining in Alberta, and we have bravely moved thousands of rail vehicles to significantly increase the amount of oil we send by rail, but none of these solutions will bring relief in the short term.

We should do more and do it now.

There are two competing views on how to fix this problem. No choice is disadvantageous.

The first is to allow the free market to rank itself. Thought is that companies will have to decide what they can produce based on what they can sell. Some of the major producers, both manufacturers and refineries, can still operate at a lower profit rate. However, many companies will not suffer any harm and be forced to sell as long as they manage. Some of them had already had to leave people and no doubt would have been more. Some would probably close their doors.

The second view of how we fix this is that we intervene in oil production and temporarily cut production in production. This restriction remains in place until stocks fall, the price gap closes and bleeding stops.

My political interlocutors in both the Alberta Party and the UCP have set their positions on this issue and I want to thank them for their contribution to this debate. Both Mr. Mandel from the Alberta Party and Mr. Kenney from the UCP demanded a production outage.

While there seems to be a consensus among some political leaders, there is no consensus in the industry. At this point, no industry consensus is expected.

I mean, Alberta, the best for us, all of our 4.3 million, comes to the owners of our oil resources. As an owner, we have an obligation to obtain the highest possible value.

This is an important decision with great implications. We must be smart. So, for weeks, we've had extensive discussions with everyone involved and we've sought expert advice from many neighborhoods. This is closing.

There are good jobs and resident jobs in Alberta. This is about a screen or more numbers than economists' speech. Working with people with great talents, Alberta is the best place in Canada to live people.

Our decision will be announced on Sunday. It is one of the most difficult decisions we make as a state, but I promise you: your work, your children and your future will remain our absolute focus.

No matter what, I won't stop fighting for you.

CBC will release Notley & # 39; s announcement live Facebook and online Sunday morning at 6am. MT.

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