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In 2011, Ferrell and Adam McKay will speak on stage during the 22nd Producers' Association Award. Producers Guild for Kevin Winter / Getty Images

If you need a bulletproof career in Hollywood, Adam McKay might be the one who's pointing. Over the years, McKay's hit series as writer, director and producer – in most cases, all three – would have deserved to show him the most stagnation in the film industry.

Here's the other thing: McKay got better with age. Although the actors in the town rarely boast the same pride, their ability to deliver perfection in film and television ensures that the scene is placed behind the table for a predictable future behind the scene. (McKay's partnership with a longtime collaborator, Will Ferrell, doesn't hurt either.)

With some measures, you can tell that McKay has hit the mark of high water. Large Short In 2015, he received the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay the following year, and continued to act. But it could be even larger in the future than 2019. Here's a look at McKay's projects and its estimated (and still growing) net worth.

from SNL for Talladega Nights, SUBROGATION, and clamp

When McKay hopes to participate Saturday night live In the mid-1990s, he planned to become a cast. At this point, against the background was stand-up comedy and improvisation. However, it was the same day that Ferrell ended up landing a job as a writer and joined the staff of Ferrell. Until 1997, he worked for the lead writer. SNL.

In 2004, McKay shot his first feature film. Anchorman: Legend of Ron Burgundy With Ferrell, a close friend until then SNL. Two years later, Ferrell and McKay founded Gary Sanchez Productions and have taken part in an incredible film-making work to this day.

Talladega Nights, Fly to the East and Down, Others, My father's house, SUBROGATION, Large Short they all came from Gary Sanchez's shop, McKay wrote and directed them all. (In the case of HBO shows, he served as producer, writer and director in multiple episodes, but not all.) Drunk History and Funny or die There was also.

These days the screenwriter Oscar and the 133 million dollar gross receipt Large Short Under the belt (with a $ 28 million budget), you could imagine McKay's ability to do whatever he wanted later. His movie – Deputy, Opens Christmas Day – starring Christian Bale and Sam Rockwell. He has already received a boat candidate award candidate for two (writing and routing) for McKay.

Net value was estimated at 40-60 million dollars

McKay will be in the press room after winning the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay at the 88th Year Academy Awards in 2016. Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images

In 2013, Celebrity New Worth set McKay's fortune to be $ 40 million. You can see this moment again – and you can, because the number is never updated – it's easy to feel like a character Return to the future. The author did not know that success was known. Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters ($ 226 million) difficult to ($ 111 million) My father's house ($ 243 million) and Large Short it was just around the corner.

McKay's films were about $ 1.4 billion when he just looked at the credits. You can add another $ 1 billion for the images it produces. Did we mention McKay's role? There are 15 credits under this column, but in the most recent film was Dirty Mike. Others.

In short, if someone told us that the net worth of McKay exceeded $ 60 million, we have to believe them. For now, you will have to make this high forecast range.

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