Monday , December 6 2021

2 Milly Will Continue With Legal Action Against Fortnite


Just a few weeks ago we reported that rapper 2 Milly was furious that she had discovered that Epic Games used the 39 Milly Rock 39 dance in Fortnite as “Swipe It 39 emote. He regrets the fact that the movement was in play, but he was not paid. He threatened to sue and now he seems to be moving forward.

2 Milly Ready To Act

A few weeks before the report, Milly stepped in to hire a law firm. The law firm says that this is not the first case they have dealt with in relation to Epic Games, and how they olarak misuse the similarity of African-American Talent ı. Indeed, there is another case currently in progress against Epic Games for a client. in a similar situation.

2 Milly amused by his Fortnite emote.

Explaining why he was so upset, Milly said, Neden I don't want to print them for millions of people. You know what I said? It really isn't. I just feel like I have to protect mine. Actually, they're selling this move. For buy. When I'm really like this bu oh nah, this can't last very long. "

2 How realistic is it to be successful in the case of Milly? It's hard to make any guess. There is a lack of precedent in copyright cases involving choreography. Therefore, it will be important if it moves forward no matter what we see in this case. 2 Whether or not Milly wins will affect the future status of the artists who are suing the dance moves.

The outcome of such a case can significantly affect the way Epic Games does business with Fortnite and other properties. If there is more progress, we will continue to post you. So keep checking your Fortnite news.

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