Wednesday , October 20 2021

2 adults, 3 children hospitalized with carbon monoxide poisoning


After Barriere has been poisoned by carbon monoxide in B. C., five people are ventilated for medical treatment in Vancouver. Thursday.

B.C. Emergency Health Services, two of the patients are adults and three children, he said.

BCEHS spokesman Shannon Miller said two land ambulances and two air ambulances were sent home just before 7:30 am on Thursday.

The conditions of the patients were not released.

Barriere, located 66 kilometers north of Kamloops, has a population of about 1,700.

Early on Thursday, two adults and three children were sent to Vancouver. (Barriere First Responder)

13 poisonous in Vancouver

On Wednesday, 13 people in the Vancouver office were hospitalized for poisoning including colorless, odorless and tasteless gas.

On Wednesday evening, twelve people were released from the Vancouver General Hospital. At 5:00 am On that day, the most severely injured person remained in a stable condition at the hospital.

VGH is the only hospital with a hyperbaric chamber used to treat carbon monoxide intoxication in the province.

Inhalation of too much carbon monoxide can kill a person in a matter of minutes because the gas replaces oxygen in the blood.

The hyperbaric chamber restores oxygen levels to reduce oxygen in the blood as soon as possible.

One of the doctors who treated 13 people who were poisoned on Wednesday. Bruce Campana said a "crazy" week for treatment.

He said he was aware of 17 cases of carbon monoxide poisoning in the last few weeks.

Furnaces and other heating devices may emit gas if they fail or are improperly installed.

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