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11. Women Filmmakers Honored at Directors Awards

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Geena Davis, Lina Wertmüller, David Lynch and Wes Studi at the 11th Annual Governors Awards on October 27, 2019 in Hollywood.

HOLLYWOOD – When actor Wes Studi appeared on Sunday night at the annual Governors Award at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, he would receive an honorary Oscar for decades of performances in dozens of films. Dancing with wolves, The last mohican, Temperature, New World, Avatar, and Enemies.

He would also write history: Studi, the first Native American to receive an Academy Award.

After winning a triumphant applause from many of the greatest and most powerful figures in Hollywood, Studi plunged in a big smile and began his acceptance speech by simply and strongly confirming what the moment meant for him and all the local artists in the film. Industry.

Ğ I want to say, it's time! ”

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Studi received an honorary Oscar at the Governors Awards.

It was a common feeling for the Governors Awards. Since its inception 11 years ago, the Academy has often used the annual event to recognize the achievements of artists in minority groups, including actors such as Cicely Tyson, Jackie Chan and James Earl Jones, who have been ignored in the Oscars. filmmakers as well as Hayao Miyazaki, Charles Burnett and Spike Lee.

However, on Sunday night, the Governor's Awards spent most of his time occupying the ground in a group of artist industries with no minorities: women.

Studi and director David Lynch (Blue Velvet, Twin Peaks– acceptance speech lasted only 33 seconds – Actor Geena Davis, the first female Italian filmmaker nominated for Best Director this year for Lina Wertmüller and the pioneering efforts at the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award # 39; Display the gender parity on the screen.

In his acceptance speech, Davis said from the Media Institute on Gender in Media that 81% of the characters working in feature films are male, and that the number of women shown in senior jobs on the screen is lower than in real life. .

“In other words, even though the numbers are real, the reality is much worse. fiction, where do you make up! Davis Davis, laughter and applause, ”Davis said. "Let's do it worse than real life. "

Davis warned that Hollywood filled the common stereotype with the bleeding of heart liberals, the champion of diversity.

"hardly, "Said. Orsa If we have to be a lot of gender fluids, cross-cutting feminists, then by God, let's do it right! ”

Davis stressed that he wasn't just talking about writing more women as the main characters, Hollywood had to increase the number of women on the screen, regardless of the role. He proposed a simple solution: Write a screenplay for production earlier, late in some of the names of male characters and make women in their place.

La With one stroke, you've created some stereotypical characters that might be more interesting than they've changed their sex, Davis Davis said. Then he took a pause to study.

“And then the players me. Seriously."

Indeed, Davis has not been lost, many of Hollywood's most successful and influential producers and studio directors had captive audiences eşlik to accompany their compatriots and participate in the campaign for the award season. So he challenged the room clearly in terms: In the morning, everyone should update their scenarios for gender parity and racial diversity.

Yapma Make another movie before you do that, ”he said.

After the ceremony, Davis told BuzzFeed News that he did not understand why the goal of drastically increasing the number of female characters could not literally happen overnight.

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Geena Davis walks on stage at the Governor's Awards.

En The lowest hanging fruit in all gender equality in the world and also in this sector on the screen, "Said. Sonraki The next thing someone does is gender balance. You don't have to talk about it. You do not have to wait until people are selected or queued. So this easy."

Another question is whether Davis' common sense resonates with the male-dominated rulers of Hollywood. Only two of the most contested films for Best Film nomination this year – Scams and Little Women – focusing only on women's stories. Scams’The director, Lorene Scafaria, told BuzzFeed News that only one studio is willing to give chance to the project of independent STX Films.

Gerekirse To be honest, there is no real equality unless we ask ourselves these questions, Sc Scafaria said.

Nevertheless, he stressed that this year's blockbuster film, along with many of the best films of the year, seems like a basin for female producers. Captain Marvel indie hit & # 39; e Farewell – guided by women.

These opportunities for referrals are definitely increasing for women, but they are still wildly unstable compared to men.

Im I'm aware of how lucky I am and that I'm here, because I stand on the shoulders of all women who come before me, Mari director Marielle Heller (Can you forgive me?He told BuzzFeed News after the Governor Awards ended. Heller supported his latest feature, the drama, which will be released Sunday night. A Beautiful Day in the NeighborhoodChildren's TV icon about Fred Rodgers (played by Tom Hanks). She knew that she was happy to feel like there were a few more women who joined her in the awards season this year, but she was aware of the challenges facing the women in the film industry.

Orum I feel very hopeful, but I also feel that I am aware of all women who do not have these opportunities, ”he said. “Difficult place.”

The final prize of the night, according to Wertmüller, reminded me of how difficult it was for women to be punitive to achieve this moment. Wertmüller's honorary Oscar presentation, filmmaker Jane Campion (1993) PianoShe said women like her were asked to speak about the history.

Ion A very short date, tarih said Campion. “More like a haiku.”

Wertmüller was nominated for Best Director for the 1976 film. Seven Beauties, Campion, said there were only four women – himself, Sofia Coppola (2003). Lost in TranslationKathryn Bigelow (2009) Hurt Locker) and Greta Gerwig (in 2017) Lady Bird) – nominated for the same award. Only Bigelow won.

In return, he received 350 Best Director nominations for men.

Ion Surprisingly unequal, Camp said Campion.

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Italian director Lina Wertmuller (wearing white glasses) and Isabella Rossellini (wearing purple dress) speak on stage at the Governors Awards. Jon Hamm and Sophia Loren stand in the background.

The unstable ratio was enough to throw the ballroom into a stunning silence. (They have something to do on their own at the Governors Awards: 13 women have been honored compared to 30 men since 2009.)

He then went on stage to accept the Wertmüller award and offered a delightful gesture to help the Oscars correct almost a century of gender imbalance. The 91-year-old doesn't speak much English, so actress and friend Italian Isabella Rossellini turned for her.

Standing next to Elf Wertmüller, “Lina wants to dedicate Oscar, but wants to replace it with a feminine name. Ina Istiy She wants to call it Anna. ”

Leyse So the women in the room, Ross Rossellini said, “please scream, or we want Anna, Oscar! "

The responsibility of most women and some men.

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