Monday , September 26 2022

You fell on Game of Will because of Manny! Will he stay on the show longer?


The second nomination of the week in “Games of Will: Bulgaria” ended with a victory for the Yellows. Thanks to Boris, the tribe achieved its main goal and will remain intact for another week.The longest time on the platform above the water.

Among the struggling Warriors, Kremena did the best, tried her best, but failed to take the first place from Boris. The advantage gained allowed the Yellows to remove Stoyan from the Fighters from the nomination battle.

The Fighters’ plans for their upcoming tribal council nomination were all mixed up after Ralitsa offered Mani a deal. For 50 gold pence, Manny got two extra votes, which gave him the chance to choose who would go to war for liberation with him. He named Kaloyan the weakest player of the men and gave him all three votes.

This caused violent comments on the social network Facebook. Here are a few of them:

– How did the host not get tired of defending Manny? It’s a kind of horror, no, or rather a tragedy.

“We were watching a new kind of silicon tonight,” he said. It comes with additional extras – coverage and confidence without head repercussions. You will recognize it by its cheap packaging.

– Manny is not enough to be found anywhere, but very simple, he blew his money in the wind, Kaloyan did not have 3 votes.

– I bet there’s going to be a set match in favor of Manny from production tomorrow, they’ve proven that every qualifier – it’s getting more and more ridiculous.

– Remember my word, it will not be interrupted just for the sake of intrigue and audience attention! Production loses from the loss of such characters! But Nedelcho amused me when I saw him with his eyes half-closed, calculating in a trance in mathematics!

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