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Yoanna Bukovska-Davidova and Lyubomir Kovachev launches a new theater – Blitz


Joana Bukovska-Davidova and Lyubomir Kovachev are starting the "New Theater". . We will help people get rid of the moral harm of life,. Says director Boyko Iliev.

Contemporary theater projects included the European tour, the Bulgarian drama festival, and the two controversies of the young actors.

A start in the Theater Night in Sofia, with current and powerful messages in the novel Emiliy Stanev, creates performances with "Dajjal", with the dramatization and orientation of Boyko Iliev. "Poruchik Benz" in Dimitar Dimov's novel will be presented on a European tour in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. And at the beginning of 2019, the Bulgarian Dramaturgy Festival named after Yordan Radichkov will be called "January". We have personally learned the elements of silent cinema and circus art on the stage of the film ahs Communist 39 and kov Communist ik, and Stefan Plachkov, the representative of ın Trio Plachkovi ile on display. The conference was devoted to the event. In addition to Lubomir Stoykov.

"Performance must have moral messages. This is the condition and condition of the performances on the" New Theater "stage – the National Palace of Culture, Boyko Iliev noted, emphasizing what is being given to the theater and how it helps them to get rid of the" moral damages of life ". he paid special attention to the National Palace of Culture, which was the basis of the repertoire policy of the eli New Theater yazar.

One of the main aims of the theater has been the performance of not only the established and successful Bulgarian actors but also the talented young artists. In this context, Boyko Iliev has played two leading roles in the art of theater – Ivan Rangelov's monocle – Dimo ​​Deshev's "Pasti Ilievi" and Kalil Iliev's Kiril Mihov's "Pikloto". 20/18 presented his monocle. ”Young people will give us a new face of the theater we need, freshness and livelihood.

One example is the one-man actress "Ku says" Ivan Yurukov with chicken. Yoana Bukovska-Davidova, a leading actress at the Poruchik Benz show with Lyubomir Kovatchev and Ivailo Zahariev, said they saw a lot of interest from the audience, who set the record for 30 shows on a national tour for a calendar year. full lounges. We know that the next tour of the fair will take place in six cities between Europe, Vienna, Munich, Zurich, Brussels, Amsterdam and Nuremberg between 15 January and 15 February 2019. He also announced that he is preparing an innovative interactive mono glasses to be played on the stage – New Theater – National Palace of Culture – which will refer to theater and cinema and virtual and added reality. "It's important that the theater you do is a task. We can't change people, but we can take care of them – ask them to ask questions and help viewers improve their imagination," said Lyubomir Kovachev, who was appointed to main male roles in Poruchik BENZ, and "Dajjal".

He compared the Bulgarian and French theater schools he graduated to, and noted that the French theater was not as functional as the Bulgarian theater, but had a strong internal power and power because speech theater and native actors were stronger. Stefan Plachkov, the director of the La Comedy show, gave the audience the opportunity to gather with a glass of wine and dinner after they left the hall.

31 December at 18:00 on the eve of the show on the eve of the new year in the audience's pleasant surprises and gifts will be played at the time announced. He also adds that "Trio Plachkovi" is preparing for a pre-holiday tour in France from 10 to 19 December.

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