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We reached a point in Cyprus, the winner of the group will be clear on Monday when we accept Slovenia


During their visit to Nicosia, the Bulgarian Nationals won only 1 point from 1: 1 Cyprus. This was a football match for the Nations Group 3 team of the League of Nations tournament. Slovenia and Norway also scored 1: 1 in the second round and the status quo remained. The Norwegians are headed for Bulgaria's 10-point ranking. The group's winner will be nominated for the last games on November 19 (Monday). The election of Peter Hubchev from 21:45 takes Slovenia to "Vasil Levski" and at the same time Norway will visit Cyprus with 5 points in its assets.

Petar Hubchev: Besides the desire and desire, it is also a talent

Because I'm in the national team, this is one of the games we show most courage and passion. I will not let me say anything about the team and the men, Bulgarian coach Petar Hubchev, with Cyprus after 1: 1. "However, this team has a limit, it needs to be upgraded and there is a need for labor," said the coach.

"In football, the result is the most important, but we don't need to score today, but we've scored 3 goals from 4 innings, but I remember another statistic, but now there are a lot of points, but no points."

"Many people told me that I didn't make a promise when I said I was talking about me in the beginning. Before my word, there were questions about whether we would follow the outcome of the other game before the game. We were just interested in our game. , loved the old citizen.

Hubchev said, "I hope that Slovenia will come in the 3-4." The opponent is extremely strong and the team is the best team. "

Ivelin Popov: Everything can happen in the last round

Slovenia talked about rejuvenation and stayed in the last group. It was called more experienced ones to match. The national team must play the best. After Cyprus (1: 1), I cannot see the captain of the national team, Ivelin Popov.

"We had a lot of trouble after the end of the game and this was one of our best games for many years and everyone on the field had a very difficult result," said Spartak football player. Moscow).

"A few days ago, we had a talk with the coach and we told him that we had the most victory over strong opponents with the greatest enthusiasm, but that some things had to be added." Hubchev is sincere, honest, we are not deceived, when we sit on the ground, it is the easiest way for someone to pick you up. It's easiest when someone gets you – you think you're alien, but I don't see them like this, "said Poppeto.

"In the last round everything can happen. If Cyprus plays a fair game with Norway and protects itself against us, everything is possible. History will remember the interesting results. At the very beginning, I said there would be no team that would win four games in our group. You say that Georgi Petkov is in Bulgaria. The goalkeeper of Cyprus was thrown by a 45-second shot, "The captain ended.

Nikolay Dimitrov: No compulsory win in football

No compulsory win in football. We should have taken more of them. There are such matches, the ball does not enter and the goalkeepers have won a lot of money. "This was played by the national team player Nikolay Dimitrov in the match against Cyprus.

"The level of all teams is rising, everyone learns to fight, it's planning to organize. There's no easy team. It's clear to everything we need to grow. When the team is in the team and we organize it correctly, the team will continue," added Dimitrov.
"I propose not to bet on the last match, especially on the odds of our prospects, especially the audience."

Strahil Popov: I don't remember getting more positions lately

Strahil Popov, Bulgaria's last defender, was a 1-1 draw after a 1-1 draw with Cyprus, and he could not reach our team to get only three points.

Du I think it's our best game recently, and I don't remember the last time we did it, maybe if we had the first penalty in the 65th minute, it would be different. but it can't be an excuse, and now we're going to throw all our strength against Slovenia, and it's more disappointing because we deserve to win, so let's get rid of this thing and get out with fresh heads on monday. I think we missed something today, I think it's unfortunate, I hope that in Norway we have all our goals for Slovenia, because Norway is leading us to a goal, Sanırım he said.

Georgi Kostadinov: We believe in the team and we are sure we will be the first in the group

National team player Georgi Kostadinov said that after the draw with Cyprus, it was probably the strongest match of the lions: "This is a very difficult game. We started out in the best way. After the targets, we checked the game, created the situation and did not win, We have played our strongest matches so far, we wanted victory, we wanted to have fun in the stands and in the stands, but after 25 minutes we played very resolutely, but luck was not with us.

"We have established a good foundation, we must be united and if we continue, this team expects a bright future, we believe in the team, and we are sure that we will be the first in the group."

Georgi Petkov: The most harmonious team in the last 10 years

National goalkeeper Georgi Petkov said he finished 1: 1 in Nicosia after the match with Cyprus, which was the most compatible team of "lions" for the last 10 years. "Check this record. Look at how Bulgaria is viewed. No one can say anything about how we are playing today. That didn't come, but what should I do? I've never seen such a team and such in 10-11 years.

We must stop saying that Gosho Petkov is slow. Today, at the national level, we saw how slow it was, added Petkov with a smile, referring to the goalkeeper of Cyprus.
"Feeling good is to protect the color of the national team again. It makes me happy to be called 42 years old. There is always a chance, but it will be two days, we will not be punished.

Nikolay Bodurov: We became the goalkeeper of Cyprus.

National Nikolay Bodurov commented on a 1: 1 draw with Cyprus in Cyprus. He said the "lions" made the hero the landlord. Medi Yes, there were many situations, and we made him a hero, a bastard for us, unfortunately, we couldn't win., Chance turned us down, didn't bring any luck.

We showed that we were physically okay, we had to push, but unfortunately we didn't get three points. "We need confidence in the field, not outside," Bodurov said. Said.

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