Thursday , August 11 2022

We found the diet we lost and did not get up again


Scientists at the University of Rovira and Virgil, Spain have decided that a low-calorie Mediterranean diet contributes to weight loss …

We found the diet we lost and did not get up again
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Scientists from Rovira and Virgilli, Spain low calorie Mediterranean diet Contributes to weight loss and reduced risk of developing cardiovascular disease in patients with Parkinson's disease overweight and metabolic syndrome.

In addition to the obese or overweight metabolic syndrome, more than 600 patients between the ages of 55-75 were included in the study.

Despite low fat and carbohydrate diets cardiovascular diseases are considered effective in terms of weight loss and risk reduction.There is no scientific evidence that the long-term benefits of such a diet are maintained.

A new study devoted to a different kind of food – Mediterranean, After one year, 33.7% of the patients who passed the transition lost at least 5% of their initial body weight. The use of glucose improved significantly compared to those who did not fit in this diet.

There's a difference. In time, the positive dynamics of weight loss continue, highlight scientists.

Mediterranean diet It includes the consumption of large quantities of fresh vegetables and fruits, legumes, nuts, seeds, whole-grain bread and cereal-based pastas. Reducing red meat consumption and prioritizing fish and seafood are also recommended. / RIA Novosti

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