Thursday , June 30 2022

Two-time World Champion sentenced to 4 years in prison for doping


Two-time 100-meter swimmer world champion (2005, 2007) Filippo Manini was found guilty of elik attempting to use or attempting to use prohibited substances elik and received a four-year doping sentence. The 36-year-old Italian, who had a bronze Olympic medal from Athens, was sanctioned by his team mate Michele Santuti.

The local anti-doping organization (NADO) has demanded an eight-year sentence for two people who have been sentenced to 30 years' imprisonment by the Italian physician Guido Porcini for working in the sports industry due to the increase in the number of prohibited preparations. The documents of Porcelain tell the swimmer his articles.

Manini, a European champion of 9 times, said, "This punishment will keep me tied for a long time, and I am very angry, despite not being an active competitor and there is no evidence." Said.

The meeting of the penal commission was held in Rome last month, but its members said they need more time to decide. The first accusations against Manini started at the end of last year and unexpectedly announced the end of his sports career on December 3 during the National Swimming Championships at Riccione.

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